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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

   Don't you hate it when...
Don't you hate it when evil people decide to comment on your works and say they've been traced? I find that so annoying! i mean, you can't just go up to some random person's artwork and say "oh that is so totally traced because it looks just like the real thing"

Now, in some cases that may be true, but at least look at their other drawings before saying anything! if all their other pictures were stick people with disfigured heads and out of the blue comes this gorgeous perfectly drawn piece of art... something's wrong? or maybe they just spent ages on it?

The main thing that brought this up are the comments >> not on this site << that i've been receiving,

-very well traced!
-you did a great job on the trace job
-what is this? anyone could tell it was traced!

all these comments were left by anonymous visitors; although they do have a right to not reveal themselves i would like to ask for a reason they have been saying things like that. Its not fun to receive them over 5 times a month.

Rant Over.


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