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Sunday, February 12, 2006

   Ohh wow. Isn't that special
NEW THEME + BACKGROUND~ Ha no more need for [Pink] Warnings!

=So its my first time writing here. Amazing no? I know I should have maybe written something earlier; but i never felt the need or inspiration to. And now? I'm bored to my limit.

Anyways. Those of you who added me on Deviant Art i really appreciate that and those of you who have dropped by for a visit, I appreciate that too. Just recently on dA~ I was randomly chosen for a week's worth of subscription. I was like [WOW]! This is due to the fact that i am never lucky and the fact that there was only like a 1 in a million chance for me. Or so i think?

Anyways; there is school for me tomorow and it's like 12 so i'll hopefully be back sometime and updating... maybe.. xD on another note; i have posted up 2 new original anime pictures of random girls. I find girls easier to draw than boys o_O mehh anyways; i'm going off topic here, its sleepy-time for me ^_^

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