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Thursday, August 10, 2006

   No one for me
I look for someone
But I don't know who.
I try to picture him
But I always feel alone.
Why can't anyone
Love me?
What is so wrong
with me?
Am I destined to
Walk this earth alone?
There must be someone
Out there for me.
I feel like I'm cursed
But everyone says I'm not.
They don't know how I feel.
My sisters are pretty and
They can get boyfrieds.
My mother and father are
Happily married.
I need someone to talk to
But everyone is busy.
They don't have time for me.
They barely notice me.
I see couples around me no
Matter where I go.
When I do I want to kill
I'm always yelled at for being me.
Maybe I should kill myselk.
It would probably be a better
World without me.

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