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Friday, March 3, 2006

I don't fear the darkness of night;
I don't fear the lightness of day.
I have friends with me at all times:
During the day, it's werewolves;
During the night, it's vampires.
The werewolves are with me always.
The werewolves are my family,
As are the vampires.
The werewolves raise me during the day,
And the vampires, at night.
My parents abandoned me.
The werewolves found me in the forest.
The werewolves took me in and raised me.
At night; the vampires told me stories.
I learned how to defend myself and how to sleep
During the day like a vampire:
I learned how to drink blood and how to walk without
Making a sound;
I learned to climb walls like werewolves.
I dress like the vampires do:
I have fake fangs to scare people.
People are scared of me and they hate me,
But werewolves and vampires love me.
I don't care what mortals think.
When I am old enough,
I can choose to be either a werewolve or a vampire.
Then I will be immortal. I will live forever and bring
People to be vampires or werewolves.
So until the time I must choose,
I am a mortal like you.
I don't act like a mortal though.
Mortals are scared,
But I don't care.
So for now,
I think about what I will be.
But in the future,
Beware of me.
I'm warning you now.
Bye bye until I see you
In the furture.

By: Vanessa Nulph

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