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Sunday, December 18, 2005

   My new quizzes
Sleepover(Girls only) by Elflover
Joey says:I hate you
Mia says:I hate you
Naruto looks at you like:You hate him
Sasuke says:I like your hair
You end up drunk:HELL NO!!
You end up sleeping with:Naruto
Kaiba says:We have so much in common
Jaden whispers:She is so ugly
Siris shows you:a picture of him and his brother
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My favorite stuff by Elflover
Fav. Color:Blue
Fav. Animal:Elephant
Fav. VehicleVan
Fav. AnimeInuyasha
Fav. MangaFruits basket
Fav. Character off of yu-gi-ohJoey
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Random Stuff About You? by Phate
What's your name?
How old are you?
What's your favorite color?
Number of kids you will have88
Times per week you and your wife will make love14
What your hourly wage will be at your job$19
When will you die?October 20, 2022
How will you die?Your wife will kill you using your favorite pillow to suffocate you.
Your future NicknamesYou won't have a nickname. No one likes you. Go away. But wait... nevermind. You'll probably end up giving YOURSELF a nickname.. just to make yourself feel better. Damn Poseur.
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Sexy Stuff
by Acephelous
Sexiest PartFeet
Least Attractive PartFeet
Good atCreative Sex
Bad atLicking
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How long will you last (and other stuff)? by two_silhouettes
Sex partner:
You will last:24 times! (as long as it takes)
Afterwords you will:masterbate
Your partner:"so... same place and time next week?"
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