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Sunday, November 6, 2005

What is you True Anime Character? (Girls&Boys) by albino blackWolf
Favorite Anime
Candy or Ice Cream?
What is your favorite color?
Your Apperance
You want..To be in your own World
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Which Fruits Basket Character do you date? (Girls)::Now with PICS:: by albino blackWolf
Favorite Zodiac
Your going to date..
He takes you..to his house
What date says to you when you meet..Yo
Will your relationship grow?Its possible..
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Who's your anime secret Admirier? (Girls only& with Pics ) by albino blackWolf
Fav. Anime
Why he Admiries you..Its nothing..
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Fruits Basket Sleepover!! by albino blackWolf
Favorite Color
Your Chinese Zodiac
Shigure dares you to..run around screaming GAY PRIDE!
Akito stares at you and says....Petifile
Yuki says....Stupid cat
Kyo snaps back.....this sucks
Tohru tries to..make a meal for everyone
Momiji screams..Lets go to the Hot Springs!
Kagura whispers..Does anyone like me?
Hatushara(dark) grabs you and..says Your damn fine! *you slap him*
And you..go to the bathroom
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Trigun Sleepover! by albino blackWolf
Meryl looks at you and says..Nothing and looks away fast
Milly jumps over to you and..Gives you a Noogie
Wolfwood is..Ready to shoot your head off
You look over your shoulder and..AHH! Theres a crazy Blue-Haired, Yellow-eyed guy hanging over your shoulder!
You see Knives across the room..Pointing his gun straight at your head
Legato wants to..Eat a Hotdog
Vash is..Laughing like an Idiot
And you..Run to the Kitchen to get snacks, and take a breather
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What would you look like as a FinalFantasy Character? by albino blackWolf
Your Hair isGravity Defying brown spikes
Your Apperance isEveryday Clothes
Your Role isMystic Animal, "Lets kick butt guys!"
Famous Saying.."Touch me one more time..And I'll rip your eyes out!"
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What Chobits Character are You? by albino blackWolf
Human or Persocom
Your most like them because..You want to find the one for you
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Find out the true YOUU. ::girls:: by albino blackWolf
In your spare time you..
Do you think you are attractive?
Your body.
You are..Selfish
You tend to act..Goofy
Attractivness.: 50%
This is the real YOU.
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