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Monday, February 11, 2008

Okay, lets see if this works *crosses fingers*
Hello, I'm Dee, Pickle, Struddle whatever you feel like calling me. I like to draw,plot world domination, write, plot world domination, you know nothing unusual. Okay, so mabye I'm a freak, but I am NOT short understood? Good. I also like plotting world domanation, did I already mention that? No? Well I'll tell you again I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!![insert evil laugh here]

Okay, my parents aloted me with enough time to call a few people and post a little bit before they send me back to doing my homework. Word is acting funny on my computer so I hope it puts the *rest* of what I have.


There was always something about mornings that made the four teams want to kill each other, well, uncaffeinated morning at least.
The four girls stumbled into the large office that their sensei�s shared when they were off duty or filling out paper work.
Osamu glared at them from one of the tables, �You all are exactly one minute and forty-three seconds late.�
Kuro lazily turned her head in his direction, �You know what, bite me.�
�I wouldn�t want to; you haven�t had your shots yet.�
�If you two don�t shut your traps now I will seer your mouth�s closed,� Masuyo snarled as he fumbled with his lighter and unlit cigarette.
There was silence again and everyone had nearly fallen back into there comatose state before Misora sprung up,
�Coffee! I smell coffee!!!�
The double doors busted open only seconds later with Minoru beaming with her morning person attitude and several cups of coffee on a large tray.
�How are my favorite people on this beautiful morning?!� She smiled and gave a small skip to each table, handing the students and sensei�s their daily dose of energy. Minoru laid a mug down on the table for Daikirai as well, without even realizing it.
Aki, Misora, and Kuro looked at Dai from the corner of their eyes, with the temptation of coffee, perhaps Daikirai would take off her mask. Dai stared down at the mug, sneering, as if it was taunting her.
�I�ll pass,� she grumbled and pushed the steaming mug away and glared at Minoru, �Since you have so much vigor, why don�t you give us a full briefing. Yesterday�s conference lacked a little detail, don�t you think?�
The blond sensei winced, was it her fault that she enjoyed mornings? She cleared her throat and pulled out her clipboard, �Your codename and mission goes as followed; Kuroneko you are Kiyoko you are a waitress.�
�Whatever,� Kuro gave a groggy response.
�Hiroshi your codename is Hiroto, you are a waiter. You must stick around Kuroneko; for communication purposes.�
�And me? Am I Stud Miffin?!� Kenji sprung up.
His sensei sighed, �No, your name is Kenshin.�
�Oh, do I get to stalk around the festival?� He interrupted and walked over to Katsuo. �Pssh, this is the Studly Kenshin, over.�
Katsuo followed his friends antics, pretending he had a walky talky as well, �Pssh, this is Sexy Beast. I can read you, over.�
Daikirai and Kuroneko punched their team mates in the jaw. Kenji�s and Katsuo�s heads made a thunk in the collision.
Minoru groaned, �Perhaps it would be easier if you all took the guys and give them their briefing.�
The three male sensei�s nodded in agreement.
�We�ll meet you there,� Isamu assured her.
Masuyo snatched Kenji and Katsuo by the back of their shirts with his free hand, �You two are coming with me.�
Katsuo looked up at him, �Where are we going?�
His sensei took a puff from his cigarette, �To a dark alley where no one can hear you scream when I murder you.�
�You would never hurt us�would you?� Kenji gave him a pleading look.
�Ever heard of Team 13?�
�Yea, that was the team that disappeared and only their sensei made it back.�
�Do you know who their sensei was?�
The two boys gulped, ��You�?�
�Good guess,�He grunted and pushed them ahead. The double doors closed on the boys and Minoru gave a sadistic smile as she rumaged through her bag of torture devices, or as some females might call it, make-up.

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