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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello, I'm Dee, Pickle, Struddle whatever you feel like calling me. I like to draw,plot world domination, write, plot world domination, you know nothing unusual. Okay, so mabye I'm a freak, but I am NOT short understood? Good. I also like plotting world domanation, did I already mention that? No? Well I'll tell you again I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!![insert evil laugh here]

Oujou XlX Chapter 2 XlX Matsuri

She could feel her eyebrow twitch with annoyance. For the love of all her sanity! She glared at him as he smiled up at her and handed her another empty bowl.
“Another round of ramen, Dai-chan!”
She took the bowl away from him. Her eye twitched as she turned to the stack of bowls he had managed to accumulate over his lunch break. There had to be thirty-five dishes piled up- - at least.
“Naruto,” she sighed, “is ramen the only thing you eat?”
He paused. Like he really had to think this one through.
“Yep, pretty much,” he grinned, “You’re so lucky. You get to work with ramen.”
She grabbed another clean bowl and began to dish out the knuckle-headed ninja’s favorite food of all time as she shook her head, “The job isn’t as dreamy as it sounds.”
The bell jingled signaling another customer. Dakirai raced to the front, “Welcome to—oh, it’s just you Katsuo.” She growled and went back to filling Naruto’s order.
“Nice to see you too, Dai,” he took another puff from his lit cigarette and glanced around the shop.
“What brings you here anyway?” She hollered at him from behind the counter.
“Oh, just to bask in your lovely company,” his words dripping in sarcasm. “Why do you think I’m here?”
She turned and handed the bowl to Naruto, “Surprise me.”
Katsuo took a deep puff in and held it in. It must be something bad, Daikirai concluded, he took that puff like it was his last.
“Well…we got another mission,” he trailed off.
“Well, that’s not too bad. What are we doing this time?”
He hesitated, “I would prefer for the senseis’ to tell you.”
She raised her eyebrows, “What are we doing?” she asked adding force to each of her words.
Katsuo shook his head, “Not saying. We gotta go to the whole mission briefing thing in an hour.”
Oh goody, now she got to debate about what mission they could possibly have. As long as it wasn’t something so meaningless like babysitting or cleaning the river. Anything but that.


Okay….perhaps she overlooked this kind of mission.
“C-could you repeat that? I have to wear what?!” Kuro yelled placing a hand behind her ear. Misora and Aki were doubled over in laughter as they looked at their two friends and imagined them wearing a dress, a short dress for that matter.
Minoru, Team Three’s sensei, smiled brightly as she held out four bright pink yukatas, “You get to wear theses!” She held one up against herself. “They are a tad short but, hey, you got to keep the customers interest, if you know what I mean.” The blond haired jounin winked and tossed them there new attire. Daikira jumped back, away from the uniform as it nearly hit her. Misora’s landed on her head,
“Who turned off the lights?!” she screamed tumbling backwards.
Aki held the cloth in her hands and stared at Kuroneko’s sensei, “What exactly are we doing? Just being waitresses at the Tanabata Festival?”
Her sensei, Takumi, spoke up, “That’s the role you will play. But really you are acting as spies.”
“You mean to tell me we are ninja’s, masters of stealth and deceit, and yet we still have to wear skimpy clothes to get any information?” Kuro raised an eyebrow and held the dress by her pinky, away from her body.
Minoru gave her an evil smile, “Why of course. The best female spies were sluts.”
“That’s not true!!!! Tell her Dai!”
Daikirai held her head in her hands. “Actually, she’s… right…,” she shook her head, “I wish she wasn’t, but she is.”
Minoru gave an in-your-face smirk before clapping her hands to gather there attention again, “Enough with the chit chat! Go try your yukatas on!” The blond head jounin held back a squeal and ushered them into another room.
Masuyo, sat down on one of the empty chairs and glanced at the rest of the teams. He seemed to be mentally counting how many there were.
“Eight…,” he mumbled as he exhaled some smoke. He flicked some of the ashes from his cigarette and looked to, Isamu, Misora’s sensei. “Should we half-and-half it?”
Isamu nodded, “It would be less suspicious.”
Ryuu looked to his sensei with a raised eyebrow, “What would be less suspicious?”
“You boys will be working as well. Half of you will be waiters, and the other half will pretend to be your common festival goers, and ease drop on peoples conversations,” he took a sip of coffee and looked at each of them, contemplating on who should be what.
Masuyo glanced at the sand nin in the corner of the room, “I fear that Takeshi isn’t exactly the festival type,” he piped up in his hushed voice momentarily looking at his bloodthirsty student.
Takeshi smirked at the smoker with the same old sadistic look in his cloudy red eyes.
“Don’t look at me like you mama don’t love you, son,” Masuyo brought his cigarette up to his lips again.
There was a moment of silence before Isamu finally spoke with his decision, “Okay; Kichirou, Ryuu, Hiroshi, and Osamu you all will be our waiters. Katsurou you will be socializing… and…as much as I know this will turn out to be a bad decision,” he sighed, “Kenji and Katsuo will be as well.”
Kenji and Katsuo smirked at one another.
“That means we get to flirt with the babes!” They gave each other a high five. Isamu sighed and rubbed his temples, “Please, at least try, to behave yourselves and keep your pants on.”
“Hey,hey,hey we only lost are pants once!” Kenji began to defend himself.
Katsuo nodded, “And that was because we were drunk out of our minds.”
“What minds?” Osamu rolled his eyes at the local perverts. Kenji and Katsuo didn’t catch his remark; they were distracted by the door opening. They started to wolf whistle and cat call as the girls stepped out. Osamu refused to look in the direction and yelled at the two perverts, telling them to behave like civilized human beings instead of hormonal animals. Ryuu tried not to take a peek at Misora, but failed, and ended up turning a beet red when his teammate, Katsurou caught him and nudged him in the rib cage. Hiroshi was controlling his sudden desire of reaching over and strangling the two perverts, one of them being his teammate. And of course Kichirou gave a dreamy sigh and mumbled something along the lines of; dreams do come true, before promptly fainting.
“All men are dogs. Leg humping, tail chasing dogs, “Daikirai growled.
Minoru baby clapped and bounced up and down, quite pleased with what she transformed the girls into, “You all look so cut—“ Her spurt of happiness ended when she saw her student walking out still wearing her pants underneath the dress. She glared,
“So you think you found a loop hole in the system, don’t you? Well you’re wrong!” She inspected the rest of Kuro, top to bottom, “We are going to have to go something with these tips. It is distinguishable as your clan colors. And it clashes with pink. The chocker will have to go to…as well as the pants.” Minoru did a right face and stepped to her next victim.
“The mask has to go Daikirai.” Dai shook her head and covered it with her hands.
“I can’t take it off.”
Daikirai paused, “Because I have a really bad looking scar under it.”
“Let me se—“
“NO! It’s hideous.”
Minoru sighed, “You can’t wear that mask and be at the festival. It’ll be too suspicious.”
“Well, why doesn’t she just go as a commoner and use a fan to cover her mask up?” Osamu suggested. Daikirai glared at him when the blond headed women had her back turned.
“That’s a great idea!” She turned to Daikirai with a smile like the fox that just got the key to the chicken coop, “And I can go with you to get a great yukata!”
“How nice,” Daikirai faked a chipper tone.
The jounin then looked at the two other girls and beamed, “You all look so beautiful! You’ll be great waitresses!”
“Are you sure you want me to carry plates of food to people?” Misora looked at her like she was crazy.
“Yea, she can’t even walk two feet without tripping, stumbling, or running into something,” Aki explained.
The sensei paused and stared at the black hair girl quizzically.
“HA! Do you have an idea for this one Osamu!?” Daikirai snarled at her silver headed team mate.
He smirked, “Actually yes, Misora could simply take orders instead of carry food. There would be less mess that way,” he concluded with his signature move of pushing up his glasses.
“Why.Can’t.I.Ever.Win?!?!!” Daikirai fumed and hit her head against the wall.
“Because the universe and all of its inhabitants hate you, Daikirai. Even Katsuo could have told you that,” he rolled his eyes at his female teammate.
Katsuo growled at the insult, “That’s not very wise to say to your neighbor, moron. I know where you live.”
Osamu winced, he had forgotten that little fact.
“Alright, alright, that’s enough. Listen up!” Minoru clapped her hands sharply to gather the attention back to her, “Now, we will meet up here at sunrise and make some changes so you don’t seem so…noticeable.”
“Oh, oh, oh!” Kenji bounced up and down in his seat, “Do we get code names?!”
Minoru nodded hesitantly, unsure of why Kenji was so excited.
He smiled a mischievous smile, “Can I be, Stud Muffin?”
“Oh! I wanna be, The Sexy Beast!” Katsuo sprung up from his seat.
The girls smacked there forehead and muttered. Minoru glared at them as Masuyo nearly choked on his cigarette as he laughed.
“No!” Minoru growled sharply and smacked them across there face. “We will meet at sunrise and get ready; I will give you your code names then. You all are dismissed.” She waved them off with the flick of her hand and the teams filed out discussing the events that would take place.
Takumi quietly began placing the chairs in their proper order as sensei’s chatted among themselves.
“Don’t the boys need uniforms too?” Isamu raised a curious eyebrow and took a sip of coffee.
At the sudden mention of clothes Minoru lit up, “That’s right!” she did a small 360 degree spin on her tip toes. “That just reminds me of this cute little outfit that I’m just certain Ryuu would adore!”
“We want the boys to look civilized, not like pansies,” Masuyo raised a hand to stop the chipper blonde from having a small seizure from going into hyper-drive. The fire was quickly put out in Minoru’s eyes and her lower lip curled,
“B-but all the cute little outfits…”
“Allow me to explain something, Minoru, when a guy wears pink…willingly…it screams to all the other guys in a fifty mile radius ‘Hey, you big hunk of man beef lets go prancing in a field full of daises’”.
Isamu watched as his friend gave the female co-worker a demonstration of what he meant, which included the high-pitched voice and a small segment of prancing.
There was a moment of silence between the senseis.
“I-I’m going to go shopping now...” Minoru said with a slight studder.
Isamu stared at the floor, where there were shards of porcelain, from when he dropped his coffee mug during Masuyo’s performance, “I’m going to go with her. And you better not check out my butt as we leave!”
The two sensei’s left before Masuyo even had a chance to think of a comeback. He put out his cigarette with a shrug, hey; at least he didn’t have to go shopping now.

“So, which one is her?” A tall middle-aged man questioned the younger man that was peering down at four girls who were walking on the sidewalk below.
The young man shrugged as he scratched his head, “I’m not sure. I need a closer look.”
“Perhaps I could go down interrogate them,” the older man interjected.
The teenager looked at him and held his laughter, “Yea, Ryo, great idea. Then they would think you are some kind of pedophile!”
Ryo frowned, “And to do think you are any better! Look at yourself! You look like a clown compared to these people!”
The boy looked insulted as he glanced at his outfit. His pants were made of the finest silk and were dyed a deep blue, his jacket was stitched with gold threading, his shoes were pointed and curled upward, “Are you trying to insinuate that I’m out of style?!”
“For this set of people, yes, you would be drastically out of style, Saburou.”
Saburou huffed and crossed his arms, “Well then, what are we suppose to do!?!”
Ryo chewed on his toothpick thoughtfully, “We’ll have to wait in till it gets dark. No one will be able to see us then.”
Saburou sighed and plopped down on top of the roof, “What time is it now?”
“About five o’clock.”
“And what happens if I die of boredom before nightfall?”
“Then this mission is aborted and I get to go home early,” Ryo replied with a chipper tone to his voice, “Why do you plan to die of boredom, sir?”
Saburou groaned and laid on his back looking at the sky, “Not now. I would hate to see you go home early.”

There was always something about mornings that made the four teams want to kill each other, well, uncaffeinated morning at least.
The four girls stumbled into the large office that their sensei’s shared when they were off duty or filling out paper work.
Osamu glared at them from one of the tables, “You all are exactly one minute and forty-three seconds late.”
Kuro lazily turned her head in his direction, “You know what, bite me.”
“I wouldn’t want to; you haven’t had your shots yet.”
“If you two don’t shut your traps now I will seer your mouth’s closed,” Masuyo snarled as he fumbled with his lighter and unlit cigarette.
There was silence again and everyone had nearly fallen back into there comatose state before Misora sprung up,
“Coffee! I smell coffee!!!”
The double doors busted open only seconds later with Minoru beaming with her morning person attitude and several cups of coffee on a large tray.
“How are my favorite people on this beautiful morning?!” She smiled and gave a small skip to each table, handing the students and sensei’s their daily dose of energy. Minoru laid a mug down on the table for Daikirai as well, without even realizing it.
Aki, Misora, and Kuro looked at Dai from the corner of their eyes, with the temptation of coffee, perhaps Daikirai would take off her mask. Dai stared down at the mug, sneering, as if it was taunting her.

( See I added a page worth of updates! ^^ And guess what! I actually wrote more (but I'm not gonna post it because I am mean and need it just incase I get lazy and need something to post later! Ta-ta!)

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