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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chapter 2!!!
Hello, I'm Dee, Pickle, Struddle whatever you feel like calling me. I like to draw,plot world domination, write, plot world domination, you know nothing unusual. Okay, so mabye I'm a freak, but I am NOT short understood? Good. I also like plotting world domanation, did I already mention that? No? Well I'll tell you again I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!![insert evil laugh here]

Oujou XlX Chapter 2 XlX Matsuri

She could feel her eyebrow twitch with annoyance. For the love of all her sanity! She glared at him as he smiled up at her and handed her another empty bowl.
“Another round of ramen, Dai-chan!”
She took the bowl away from him. Her eye twitched as she turned to the stack of bowls he had managed to accumulate over his lunch break. There had to be thirty-five dishes piled up- - at least.
“Naruto,” she sighed, “is ramen the only thing you eat?”
He paused. Like he really had to think this one through.
“Yep, pretty much,” he grinned, “You’re so lucky. You get to work with ramen.”
She grabbed another clean bowl and began to dish out the knuckle-headed ninja’s favorite food of all time as she shook her head, “The job isn’t as dreamy as it sounds.”
The bell jingled signaling another customer. Dakirai raced to the front, “Welcome to—oh, it’s just you Katsuo.” She growled and went back to filling Naruto’s order.
“Nice to see you too, Dai,” he took another puff from his lit cigarette and glanced around the shop.
“What brings you here anyway?” She hollered at him from behind the counter.
“Oh, just to bask in your lovely company,” his words dripping in sarcasm. “Why do you think I’m here?”
She turned and handed the bowl to Naruto, “Surprise me.”
Katsuo took a deep puff in and held it in. It must be something bad, Daikirai concluded, he took that puff like it was his last.
“Well…we got another mission,” he trailed off.
“Well, that’s not too bad. What are we doing this time?”
He hesitated, “I would prefer for the sensei’s to tell you.”
She raised her eyebrows, “What are we doing?” she asked adding force to each of her words.
Katsuo shook his head, “Not saying. We gotta go to the whole mission briefing thing in an hour.”
Oh goody, now she got to debat about what mission they could possiably have. As long as it wasn’t something so meaningless like babysitting or cleaning the river. Anything but that.


Okay….perhaps she overlooked this kind of mission.
“C-could you repeat that? I have to wear what?!” Kuro yelled placing a hand behind her ear. Misora and Aki were doubled over in laughter as they looked at their two friends and imagined them wearing a dress, a short dress for that matter.
Minoru, Team Three’s sensei, smiled brightly as she held out four bright pink yukatas, “You get to wear theses!” She held one up against herself. “They are a tad short but, hey, you got to keep the customers interest, if you know what I mean.” The blond haired jounin winked and tossed them there new attire. Daikira jumped back, away from the uniform as it nearly hit her. Misora’s landed on her head,
“Who turned off the lights?!” she screamed tumbling backwards.
Aki held the cloth in her hands and stared at Kuroneko’s sensei, “What exactly are we doing? Just being waitresses at the Tanabata Festival?”
Her sensei, Takumi, spoke up, “That’s the role you will play. But really you are acting as spies.”

(Okay, that’s all I got for now. I am working on something else as well as a Halloween surprise. ^^)

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