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Hello fellow Yaoi freaks! There is no shame in it... WE LOVE YAOI!! Do you know why? Because it is SO DAMN FUN, SEXY, AND ...ADORABLE!!! Don't you agree? Yes you do or you wouldn't be on here would you? Nope! Anyway enjoy my site, especially the people who are as obsessed as I. So go ahead look around, just don't follow me home after school!!! 0.0

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Hello my loving fans! LOL jus kiddin! Im in New York right now. On vacation for the break, today is m last day here. We're supposed to be leaving right now, But i guess we're off schedule! OH WELL ^U^ Im havin a good time. To all of you who have faith in my yaoi abilities. T____T I love you so much. I WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!
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