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myOtaku.com: Ruiji Hametsu

Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/22/05:

What are you seen as? (pictures) by g0ind0wnfr0mpayn4
First name
What people see you as! OMG

Result Posted on 03/22/05:
^^ cooie

You are Lloyd!

Result Posted on 03/22/05:

You should star in a fantasy!

Result Posted on 03/22/05:
figures...thatz me the daydreaming freak ^^"

The illusionist!

Result Posted on 03/21/05:
HEHE owright...

You're every girls golden Hero Prince!
Knight in shinging armor! You're the born hero.
You're always there when a girl needs help but
sometimes you rush from one girl to the next
one and that isn't gentleman like, you know
what I mean?

Result Posted on 03/21/05:
I could live with this...whatever you say.

Result Posted on 03/21/05:
Aww I don't like my smurfin results much

Result Posted on 03/21/05:
I'm always happy when I have candy ^^

Result Posted on 03/21/05:
Oh great...when I'm sleepy, I'm a cyberboy and when I'm "normal" I'm a dreamer...

You're a dreamer! *zzzzzZZZZZzzz*
Dreamer! You love to dream and laze around. Girls
will love your sensitive heart and your cute

Result Posted on 03/21/05:
my song is wha?!

Compassion: Compassion is your prime instinct. You
have a truly beautiful soul, it belongs to
Heaven. It makes you sad to see how life became
so cruel, but you always hope that the best
will happen. Don't stop being yourself, cuz
your friends need you. Your Evanescence song is >>>> Forgive me

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