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Thursday, August 4, 2005

   *rise* I almost thought I'd never be back

áPiece of mindá

Ahn nyeong ha sae yo...i've been gone for so long

Mi ahn ae...I really thought that I'd be able to have time for a site over my break but I guess not...I'll try to visit some though. I've been so busy ever since the break started and haven't even had time to finish all of my homework. This could be troublesome, school's going to start soon and I guess that means I won't be getting much sleep. Jal ji naet ni? (How are you?) Mi ahn ae I haven't been able to visit many sites, but I'll try to get to it...*sigh* some of my friends even asked me if I thought I'd be able to keep up a site. I guess it'll be like this, on and off...which means that they are correct...keeping up a site is difficult right about now. I also tried to make time for my stories but haven't found any...no scanner=no new pictures...

Right now, well always for me, life is hectic. It's funny, because my fortune said, "soon life will become more interesting" and I don't really see how because life for me, can give me a seizure at any moment. So much traveling...so many headaches...phone calls...sleepless nights...3-5hrs of sleep...late showers...so much happening all at once...sometimes I even don't have time to eat anymore. Just recently I was able to eat dinner, and my side hurt because of not eating properly =.=...it made my legs numb...

Ahn nyeong hi ju mu sae yo
mi ahn hae
na neun jol leuh wuh...well now...


TM tHoUgHtZ oF bLuE


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