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Sunday, June 19, 2005

‡Piece of mind‡

so~ in ¼­¿ï it's 3:06pm and well I guess I got so into my break I forgot to shower and it's been a full day...dang...well at least I didn't sleep yet so it doesn't count XD

so, i've been checking out sites lately, and I just noticed that I usually check it at the same time because I only have time to check it at a certain time of the day. maybe that's why I miss some things that people post...I'm terribly sorry.

I'm such a "dumbass" or so in the words of Yun...I guess...it reminds me of the time I forgot I was allergic to cats last year XD...HAHA...but I had my reasons for going near that cat...^^" then I remembered again when I started to have reactions. That'll teach me huh? I guess that's why I never went near one for such a long time...now whenever I see one, I run

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I have this art idea, but I don't know if it's going to turn out right on paper because something's wrong with my hand...it just keeps on shaking and my eye has been twitching or felt like it was going to twitch, all day...i honesty don't know what's wrong with me...AHHHH

You may reply here, or pm me if you'd like ^^
*sissy hand wave up and down* XD AHHH GREAT times huh Asapin
What have you guys been doing over you're summerbreak if you're already on it, or if you're not, what are you planning to do?
Who has summer homework or reading? I know I do...I also have to buy two books to read too =_= ...it totals up to 40048won, 4342.80yen, 1642baht, 331.06yuan, 635400dong, 40dollars...i guess I'll be going to the book store later on today...yeah, cause I tried to order the books online but then I felt it was a waste of money for the shipping and handling cause the book store is right there...


TM tHoUgHtZ oF bLuE


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