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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 10/23/04:

Kou Gaiji
Kou Gaiji A very loyal guy, he'll do anything in his power
for the ones he loves. You'll be very lucky to
win this ones heart, he's there to stay. Nobody
will hurt you and if they do....they'll have
hell to pay!

Which Saiyuki Bishi is for you? (girls only)
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Result Posted on 10/23/04:

Result Posted on 10/23/04:
Hot baby!

A flame, you shine in the dark to enlighten your
and others path. Please rate or try one of my
other quizzes :).

! And what kind of fire are you?!
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Result Posted on 10/23/04:
oh i know there's evil

You are a Noble Warrior
You are a noble warrior. You belive there is no true evil, and that everyone
can turn onto the good side. You spare your
enemies when they admit defeat. You fight with
a passion. You save those in need, and put
their saftey first. You use a long sword, and a

What type of Swordsman are you?
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Result Posted on 10/22/04:
Retarded?!?! :(

Take the Spirit Quiz and visit Castle Diqueria.

Result Posted on 10/22/04:

Musou Onigumo's heart, having separated itself from
Naraku's body, grows a body and becomes a
faceless youkai - faceless because Onigumo's
face has been horribly burned. The youkai goes
around killing people, and finally, having
robbed the face of a monk called Musou, calls
himself Musou too. Musou has the ability to
regenerate his body swiftly. Unlike the other
detachments, Musou isn't under Naraku's

Which one of Naraku's depatchments are you?
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Result Posted on 10/20/04:
I AM?!?

Your ~Inuyasha~ Inuyasha, the main star
of the anime.He's a half demon, half human. He
possesses a human heart but strong demon like
claws and strength.He's
sweet,loving,protective, but on the down side
he can be Irritating and annoying.Hmm
Inuyasha.^-^RATE PLEASE

~What inuyasha character are you~!!NEW!! REALLY COOL.^-^
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Result Posted on 10/20/04:

OH MY GOD!!!YOU PASSED!!!You got most of them or
all of them right. You rock. You're a true
Inuyasha fan.^-^You probly know more like
me,but I didn't wont to make the quiz to
long.Please rate and message me if you

!!!!THE ULTAMITE INUYASHA IQ QUIZ!!!!!You think you no more then me?*UPDATED*
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Result Posted on 10/20/04:

Result Posted on 10/20/04:
that sounds bout right...

Muti-Faceted Gif: You cannot be easily described
in any one way. You have many faces, and each
work together to make you who you are. You can
see every angle, and use this to your
advantage. People may often judge you from the
first side they see, but if they wait around
long enough, they'll get to know the real you.

Your Anime Animated Gif Personality!
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