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Thursday, February 16, 2006

early quizes.
Your element is Rain: Sad, lonely, distant and

unique. You are quite distant from emotion

and people, but you have been made this way

by one thing or another. You are truly unique

yet fail to see it and are quite creative be

it in art, music, writing, ect.. You used to

let people in now you don't even bother to

try, having been hurt so many times in the

past. Your attitude is that you don't need

anyone but yourself, people are just trouble

waiting to happen. But you really do want to

trust someone no matter if you see it or not,

deep down your waiting for someone to come

and set you free. This kind of depression can

turn dangerous, don't let them get to you.

Not everyone in the world will hurt you.

Humans are humans and are not perfect. So

most likely sooner or later you'll meet

someone who feels like you do and perhaps

your shell will eventually disappear.

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Darkness Sprite
Cruel, beautiful, ominous and evil.
You are a sprite of Darkness: Most shiver at the

sound of your name, you are ominous and

something to be feared. Humans are playthings

to you, toys for your own horrid uses.

Heartless and cruel you love the pain and

hardships of others, sometimes you are the

cause. You are very beautiful on the outside

which will entrance any mortal into believing

what you lead them to, but sooner or later

they will understand the deadly ways of your

true nature. Despite your dark side you are

very talented, you have many gifts that you

leave locked up in favor of whatever else

your doing at the moment. The feeling of love

is alien and unwanted, it frightens you.

Perhaps the only thing that does. You are

quite brave and things rarely surprise or

startle you.

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