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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

   2 dAyS AftEr Christmas¢¾
Hey everyone! Merry 2 days after Christmas!!! ^-^ LOL. I got so many presents! I'll try to put everything i got but i WILL forget most of it.
1. Hello KItty purse (it's so kawaii! it's pink and says Hello KItty all over it!)
2.Chai Chai Monchan pencil case(it looks like i can use it as a clutch too,i guess.)
3. Green Day cd-American Idiot
4.Some Disney Princess perfume(it is shaped as a rose and is so cute!)
5.A very sparkly shirt(it is pink and has a crown in sparkles. probaly ROYAL in royal cherri.^^)
6. A burn cd of gwen Stefani,Hawk Nelosn,Kelly Clarkson,and Black Eyed Peas.
8.Black Eyed Peas cd-Elephunk(i wanted Monkey Buisness,but oh well.)
9.Brush.(yes,grandma gave it to me.)
10.Nail polish,lip gloss,a a necklace.
11.And pajamas,clothes,from my mom.
that's it!!!!!!!
hope u all had a great Christmas! New Year is coming up!!
R u anime luvers ready for 2006??
Hope u are!!!!! WOOT,WOOT!!!!
~¢¾royal cherri¢¾~

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