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Friday, June 9, 2006

*So Awesome*
Wow!! I haven't been on in a while thanks to my dad not letting me on much because I have h/w and my brothers are always on it...Im at school at the momment (finished all my work) :D GUESS WHAT!!!! OMFG IM SO EXITED!!! I FINALLY GOT ADOBE PHOTO SHOP (thanks to my dad xD)!!!!! I have been on it when ever i can xD Its so awesome!! Ill submit some picks later i promise!!!! omg!!! Im so tottaly exited about it!!! and also im almost fininshed my manga class so i have a comic to show you guys as well!! AND ITS THE LAST DAY OF TERM!! so i will be on the internet alot alot more!!! coz i have no homework coz of holidays!!!!!!! I did well this term in all my subjects. IM SO HAPPY AT THE MOMMENT!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! anyways I cant wait to see how ur art is going!! im going through 100 photo shop totorials at the momment!! Im printing them all off!!! xD hey if any of you can help me with tips or give me some good websites on photoshop that would b the best!!!!!!!!! Im trying really hard to get the hang of this and soo far my first pick i did turned out pretty good for a first pick xD <333
I have been listening to Ayumi Hamasaki so much lately!! I love her songs so much,my Japanese is getting better so I can acctully understand them. Im trying to learn Kanji as much as I can at the momment, Im finding it harder than hirigana and katakana. my birthday is in like 3 months!! Im getting a laptop for my birthday so I have been counting down since Last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im also almost old enough (on the 11th of june) to get a job. I have writen like 100 resumes xD Im also doing a award at school. Everything is going really well for me, things are just getting better and better!!!!!!!!!!

Love u all!!!!!!!!!!!


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