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Friday, March 17, 2006

OMFG!!!! IM BACK!!!!!
Ok for all of you who have been wondering....YES IM STILL ALIVE!!! Where have I been....well, hehe first of I have been at school and since its the holidays now I have been able to get time to go on :) YAY NO HOMEWORK 4 2 WEEKS!!!!! and I have had time to go online but have lately been playing a addictive RPG called Endless online...I warn you do not play it!!!! ITS THE BEST EVA and once you start playing you wont be able to stop!!!
sorry I haven't been able to comment on your sites for about 2 months or answer those pms...but im looking forward to catching up with you all soon enough, I also have art to post....Ill do that later :)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

HAPPY VALINTINES DAY EVERY 1!!!!!I got this from samtheturk!! I really love it thanks sooooooo much!!!!its so kool!!!

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Tuesday-- school on thursday.....Its tuesday today but it says its monday above *strange*
Omg school starts in a few days....also I get my dbz box set on friday too!! yayyyy!! I cant wait to see the trunks saga again!! hmmm I have finished a painting of paine from finalfantasy yesterday :) I have just started yuna today..I'm really happy because my mum got me some new brushes and paper (if u saw the brushes I was using before....!!!!) I really want to do a dragonball Z painting too..I love trunks ^-^!!! I also want to do mewmew Roxy... Yay!! the new eps of mewmew power are on nickelodeon. I love mewmew power but I agree with alot of people the manga is alot better...but I love anything with mewmew in it!!!! the weather seems to be getting a bit cooler...but its still to hot to go outside... my brother (hotdogdude) is in melboune at the doctors :( I hope h doesn't have to have another opporation!! the last one failed...(he has a lump on his tummy) poor little guy!!

Wat im listning to-
-headstrong- trapt
-remember the name- fort minor
-forever- veronicas


OKAY THIS IS ANOTHER AMV!! but hey I really love them!!

Its a tokyo mewmew one...the song is in your eyes- by kylie minogue...I picked it specialy for my friend phoebyjinamangf who has never heard of kylie before :) hope u like it ^-^

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

nasuatsuidesu....BUT IM STILL HAPPY!!!
ITS SO DAM HOT!!!!!!!!! I cant really do any paintingbecause its way to hot to even get out of the pool!! The temprature was 46 degres the other day!!...35 in my room!! so I have been spending alot of this week ether in the pool or in frount of the airconditer watching anime!! but I have got one painting done in between almost dieing from heat!! but thats Austrailia in the middle of summer for u!! Im glad our house is safe this year though, bush fires are a great way to ruin a girls summer!! Im such a worry wart!! OMG im really happy at the momment!! School starts in a week!!! Im also really happy because my mum is buying me Dragonball Z seris 3 collecion 1 box set!!!we went shopping today and we were looking at anime and I told her what box set I was saving for and she said she will buy it for me if I help out my brothers at school (they start this year) so yeah, IM SOOOO EXITED!!! the lady is ordering it in for us so I get it friday YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
OmG I CanT Wait!!!! I watched kill bill V1 today!! god I love that movie!! also my brother bought fort minor-the raising tied so I have been listening to that!!

^-^see ya round ^-^


I would be enbarassed to dive this car(it would frighten young kids!!). ^-^ Its kool though ^-^" I think....

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

hi everyone!! how are you all? Im so happy with how my watercolour art is going, my mum found some of my art in my bedroom yesterday and she was really shocked at how good I have become at it in the last few days... It's really weird considering I have never tryed watercolour before!! Its sooooo much better than pencils!! I love HSS's art!! Im going to try and be as good as him!! He is the best artist ever!!

anyways I have about 2 weeks left of school holidays...then year 9 yayy!!! ^-^ I dont like to admit it but I am missing school tones!! I miss seeing all my friends soooo much and seeing all my teachers :( but like every year I will be back for about a week then Ill praying for the holidays!! lol

cya round guys!!

=^-^= lub yas' all =^-^=

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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Who exactly ARE you? (AnImE PiCs)
brought to you by Quizilla

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-Clean out-
ok today is a very sad and happy day. The sad part is Im going to be deleting alot of my artwork but the happy part is because Im making room for new better artwork!! I had ago at my mums water colour today, works very well for me. Im giving up pencils for a while because even though the colours look good in real life they look blury and messy on the computer. they are also very hard on my hands, I get blisters from colouring!! Thanx for all the votes and comments!! I apretiate every one of them!!!

cyas round!!


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Friday, January 13, 2006

A D.N Video/ Evenesence

I love this video!!! Evenesence rox!!! Dark is sooooo sexy!!

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

A Change......
Ok I finally decided on a new background after about 2 hours....Im still not that happy with it but it will do!! I want to get some graphic software so I can edit my art and make my own backgrounds and computer art but I dont know wat to get or where to buy it!! oh yeah I need some help with that and making it so there is no innerborder on my site!! I dont know how to make it so that all you can see is the background pic insted of a colour underneath your writing, It would be sooooo nice if someone could help me with those two things!! I would be so greatful!!!!
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Monday, December 26, 2005


I LOVE THIS CLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched it about a million times!!! I love it!!!! (tears in eyes) I love Linkin Park and the song is like totally made for the clip!!! I have this movie on dvd and it rox!! I just love the way the clip is done, it fits in perfectly and captures the movie soooo well!! By Myself is also one of my favourite songs by Linkin Park!! DBZ is defanatly one of my favourite Anime!! I have loved it since I was 9 and havent stopped!!! Trunks is my favourite character along with Vegeta!! I love em' both so muchly!!!

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