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Friday, April 15, 2005

Me: Woohoo! I thoguht this day would NEVER come. But it's finnaly Friday night and it's time to party! I got multiple tunes set up and some cool games at the bottem for everyine to play.

KuramaC: You've been working all week on this party, Rose. Go and enjoy yourself.

Me: I plan to Kurama! Lets dance! *pulls KuramaC to the dance floor*

*Let's see what everyone else is doing!*

Tiggerola: *watching DDR dancers ina mazement* O_O How do ther move so fast?

KC2: Why don't YOU try it?

Tiggerola: Me? No, I think I'll just watch

Kiri-Ookami: *pops out of no where* Watching's no fun!

Tiggerola: Whoa! Where'd you come from?

Kiri-Ookami: That is not important! What is important is that you get up there and dance! *pushes Tiggerola onto DDR machine*

KC2: *laughing* Have fun dear!

Sandy lol: *also pos out of no where* What are you laughing about? She's gonna need a dance partner! *pushes KC2 onto DDR machine*

Tiggerola & KC2: What do we do?

Sandy lol: Don't worry! I'm just gonna set it on beginner.! *sets on beginner* Now choose the song you want!

Me: *sneaks around and sets on game on heavy* Pay back for the slumber party. heh heh!

*game begins and arrows move at light-speed*

Tiggerola &KC2: X_X Too...many....arrows! *fall over from arrow overlode*

SilverTouya: *points and laughs* ^_^ Yeah! I got to laugh at someone

Touya: Oh, this is fun. Why did I come here again?

SilverTouya: Because I made you!

Touya: Yes, now I remember.

*RL & KuramaC help Tiggerola & KC2 up*

KuramaC: Now how do that happen? *looks at RL*

Me: ^_^ What? I didn't do it! *knock at the door* I got it! *answers*

Starfire001: ^o^ Hello!

Me: Star! *hugs* I'm so glad you came!

KuramaC: *approaching cautiously* You-know-who didn't come with you,did he?

Starfire001: No, he didn't come with me.

Karasu: *appears behind starfire001*

KuramaC: Then who the heck is that!?!?

Starfire001: *looks behind* Oh, that's Karasu!

Me: I thought you said he didn't come with you!

Starfire001: He didn't come with me. He came on his own!

Me: *whispers to KuramaC* As long as we don't invite him in, he can't come in.

KuramaC: I think that only works on vampires.

Me: Don't question my logic!

Inuyasha311: *running over* Hey I was wondering if.... *sees Karasu* Karasu! You're here! *pulling him inside* Come in!

Me: Hey! Do you live here? Don't be inviting evil people in my house!

Starfire001: Come on! Let him stay!

Inuyasha311: Yeah. Please?

Me: Well, I guess if you guys watch him....

Karasu: What am I? A child?

Star & 311: Yay! *drag off Karasu*

Karasu: I will get my revenge!

Me: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

KuramaC: Um, was that such a good idea?

Me: No one will even notce him!

KC #2,5,15,18: *running by* AH! KARASU!

ForbiddenKitsune: *chasing after* Come back!

Yuuki-chan: *chasing after* Coward!

Tiggerola: *chasing after* Don't leave!

KuramaC: *looks at RL*

Me: ^_^; heh, heh...heh....Hey! Is that destinysweetman playing DDR over there? Wow! Look at him go! Um, I'm just gonna go over there. See ya! *runs off*

KuramaC: *blink blink*

*Feel free to add yourself in and now heres aDDR gameand here'sanother DDR gameto play!*

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