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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Woo! My rating is 494 with 1208 visits! Thank you all so much. So, on to the next order of business:


Since my theme is DDR I thought it would be fun to have a dance party! I think I'll have it this Friday. There's gonna be tons of music to listen to. Since my theme is DDR, that's all the music is gonna be. If you have a favorite DDR song, tell me and I'll try to find it for the party. I'm also gonna need ideas for stuff to do so PM me about the things you want to do or see at the party. This is gonna be so much fun, right Kurama! Kurama?
KuramaC: ......
Me: Kurama! Are STILL mad at me?
KuramaC: ......
Me: And I thought you were suppose to be the mature one! See, yesterday I want to my friend starfire001's site. Kurama doesn't like me going there since that's where Karasu is, but he wasn't there so....

*flashback comment*
Yes! No Karasu.
KuramaC: *covers RL's mouth* Don't say that name!
Me: *muffled noises*
KuramaC: I am not parinoid.
Me: *more muffled noise*
KuramaC: I could let go of your mouth, but I don't want to.
Me: *louder muffled noise*
KuramaC: You'll say that name again!
Me: *muffled noise*
KuramaC: You promise?
Me: *nodds head*
KuramaC: Okay *lets go of mouth*
Me: Thank you....OH KARASU!!! WHERE ARE YOU? *runs off laughing*
KuramaC: *casing after* You promised you liar!
*end of flashback comment*

So, yeah. And Kurama's still mad at me.
KuramaC: She's not coming to the party.
Me: What? She's my best friend! Of course she's coming!
KuramaC: You know she'll bring Karasu along.
Me: Yeah, but our friends will keep him in line.
KuramaC: Maybe...
Me: *big sad eyes* Please Kurama. Please?
KuramaC: Must...resist...sad eyes! I give up. Starfire001 can come.
Me: Yay! *hugs KuramaC* You're the greatest.
KuramaC: ^////^

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