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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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hikari 1 (05/09/06)

the girl/cat background is cool i like it ( rock on )

xXMidnightxRoseXx (05/09/06)

Luv your site esspecially the background. I luv Roses too!

inulvr61998 (04/23/06)

hey love your site!! hope u dont mind me adding you as a friend!! ^^

Venus Kitty (03/07/06)

the site cool addin u as friend. hope thats ok with u GIF89aX     
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Redblaze (03/01/06)

Woah! BIG Kurama fangirl.*First one i've ever seen*
I guessed you liked YuYu Hakusho from you're screename.

You really got a nice site here.

HeavenlyRose (02/28/06)

I Love ur site i think everyones site is really cool at leaste the ones i seen so far but urs is cool too and i'm new here trying to make friends,and oh i love roses too and Kurama is my fravorite,i love him so much i hope u wont mind!!?Let be friends!!I really do love ur site its soo cute and oh check mine out if u can and sign my guestbook if u want ok well cool site and let talk so times ok well i'm talking to much got to go for now but i'l halla back AIGHT BYE!!!

shade the great (01/24/06)

.................................kuramas cool................i guess?

soulofthekitsune (01/03/06)

hello rose lover i really really like your site very nicly put to gether oh i love your bg and im adding you as a friend hope you do the same=^.^=soulofthekitsune=^.^=

Leiko Yume (12/03/05)

Hello Keera-san,

I really like your background. It's Super kawaii. I love roses too. There is a certain gentleness to roses that other flowers don't have. But they also say I love you without over doing it. *smooths out skirt* I added you as a friend. Come see me some time.

Summoner Leiko Luna Lilith Yuna Yume

metal-inuyasha (11/23/05)

Hey person
cool site
it looks good that it does^_^,
now that I said that
I will say that you can pm this one any-time you want
if you want help with any-thing
or if you just want to talk
or what ever
i will let that be up to you
if you stop by this ones site
don't forget to comment on some-thing
you don't need to comment if you don't want to
but if you do comment,
thats cool^_^

~may Peace be with you in a world of Zombies

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