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Friday, January 5, 2007

`I art back.--

Dear Friends,

Well hello there my prettiies.
I am back! Amazing no? I am thinking of taking up a career as a magician. Good Idea?
Ha ha ha. Well this holiday season was pretty good, I do have to say that. I got to watch the Animaniacs. If you don't know who they are, then go on Youtube and get EDUCATED! Lawl.
So, Other than that nothing really happened. I hung out with Frannie and Odd Duck.
So yeah that was a ton of fun. I'm happy that I got to spend time with them. I was really beginning to miss the both of them. The only down side is that I haven't gotten the chance to hang out with my other friends who, I miss muchly.
Well, I finally told the guy I like that I like him. LOL.
It took me fricken long enough. Almost a year or something like that. Ha ha ha. I am chicken shit when it comes to things like that. lordie, lordie. I am beginning to think that Roiben needs to gown a back bone, and she needs to develop some guts. *Laughs*
so yeah...lol Other than that I really have nothing to say, except for:
The Kokopolos from Perkakistan are going to Noop you!!!
If you couldn't tell I'm extreamly happy. =D

Have A Good One you guys. Tell me how your holidays went.



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