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Monday, December 18, 2006

`And In That Moment, I Swear We Were Infinite.

Dear Friends,

Well hey there. I am no longer depressed! I guess that it just took some time away from home and a good book to fix me all up. ^^
So my cousin leant me this book called THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER and the thing that I found extremely ironic about it, was that she had called me a wallflower right before she gave me the book. We were sitting on her bed and she was telling me all of this stuff, just venting about how she really was mad at this one kid, because he never showed up for their soccer game the day before, which meant that she had to be goalie (which she absolutely hates). Then out of nowhere, she just all of the sudden got really calm and told me how much listening to her meant, and then she called me a wallflower. Then she said that I should really read this book, and handed it to me. Ha ha ha. I didn¡¯t even know what a wallflower was until I started reading the book.
[`The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.--]
The book is absolutely fantastic! When reading it, I just seem to look at things differently and everything seems to be so much different than it was before. When I was sitting in the car, as my mom¡¯s new boyfriend was driving us home, from the early Christmas dinner, I couldn¡¯t help but notice the tiniest little things. Like the way the light from the highway is reflected on the windows of the cars, and it is because of that, that all of these tiny little patters are formed. I wished so much that I had a camera at that moment, because, if I was able to capture that image, I do believe that it would make for a fantastic picture. The only downside to it, would be, that you would have had to be in the car at the exact moment to get the correct message of the picture, and you would have to be listening to Self-Conclusion by The Spill Canvas to feel as infinite as I did in that moment. I would recommend that everyone read this book. It is amazing and the way that it is written is absolutely beautiful. The book has gotten me hooked on the most amazing music ever. It¡¯s an old band called The Smiths and my favourite song is Asleep It¡¯s a beautiful song. I love it to bits. The lyrics are so amazing. I wish that I found out about the Smiths sooner. *sighs*
[`Site Changes.--]
So, as you guys know, I was thinking of changing the theme of my site, but now, I actually have choices that you guys can pick from. ^^
So I either The Perks Of Being A Wallflower or The Spill Canvas. Now, what I mean by those choices is that I am going to make my site have the same color schemes of the book cover/record cover. So here are the pictures for the color schemes. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower ( There is also a light blue which I will also be using, But that is on the back of the book, and I can¡¯t find that. And, I will be using the brown for the background and the Green as the font color.)
The Spill Canvas (for this one I will be using the main Background color of the CD as my main background and for the font I will be using the white and the dark grey.)
So for all of those, I do plan on keeping a pater background like I have at the moment, but the thing is I don¡¯t know if I should change the pictures on my site, I mean I could, But I wouldn¡¯t want to completely change my site. Lol I still want to keep Seo Taiji on it. ^^
Personally I like the first color scheme better, But I want you guys to choose.
So I guess that I should end this post, cuz it is really really long ha ha ah a. Have a good one you guys.
Keep it rad.


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