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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Math and Belly Flops =/

Dear Friends,

So, I had some fun today.
I got up late this morning, I slept right through my alram, so I didn't get a chance to take a shower, Which made me very sad, and I had to go the whole day feeling GROSS. But anyways, I packed my backpack with shampoo and soap, and all of that good stuff ^^
Then when I got to school, I got to finish one of the math tests that I had earlyer, I'm really scared that I did horrible. *sighs* That is the last thing that I want. I mean My grades have dropped, I am currently sitting at a 56.79% and I have achieved 39.75 / 70 of the course load. It is horrible! I really, really hate it. *sighs*
But anyways, I guess that I shall have to work my ass off, and all of this will have to start with cleaning my binder!
So Siwmming wasn't that horrible today. We had to do this thing, where you had to do the biggest Belly-Flop, and well I go off the higest Diving board and BAM!! It hurt so fricken much! I was red all over XD
Then we got to time how fast we went down the waterslide, and well I go really really slow. *laughs* I wasn't even really trying tho, So it doesn't really make all that difference. Wait, That sentence doens't make any sense. XD
Wow, I need to work on my grammar skills. And I wonder why english is my best class. ^^
But ne ways, It was actually alot of fun. I'm actually not dreadding it again tomorrow.
So, Other than that nothing really happened. I got randomly hugged by Chance again. he was walking down the hall makng weird noises, so I called him weird, and he just runs up and hugs me, and was like "SMELL ME!!!"
I was so confused, and I didn't smell him, I mean I didn't really want to, This was right after wrestling practice. lol.
But meyesh, this post is getting pretty dang long again.
So i think that I am going to let you go.


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