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Monday, December 11, 2006

   Cookies =O?

Dear Friends,

Well hello there.
I'm sorry that I haven't been around sites. I just kinda dissapeared for a wee bit there. Sorry. I promise that as soon as school is over, I will be getting on visiting those sites!
So at the moment I am listening to Breaking Even by Rob Szabo, I mean Ain't Afraid To Die by Dir En Grey. Nya...I have become obsessed with this song. I mean really it is such a fantastic song, and the video is joy in a can! ^^
So on friday, I have to say that that was one of the best days that I have had in a while. I come home from Anime Club and as soon as I walk in the door, I get a call from my buddeh SummerBaby, So I pick up the phone and she says that my friend Thaddeous (Mark) is there, so she hands the phone over to him, and I got to talk with him. I haven't talked to him since the last day of grade 9 which was like have a year ago!! When I realized this, it made me sad. =(
So anyways I am talking to him-for those of you that remember, he was one of thie kids that sat at my Art table in grade 9.- and he is telling me how Nigel and him have classes that are like the art table. Which made mem even more sad, seeing as I have no classes like that. But we exchanged numbers and now we are planing on going to see HAPPY FEET seeing as Nigel and him have already seen Borat- which i want to see SO badly.
On Satudary, I made some cookies! And I have to say that they are Nummeh, lol I am pigging out on them right now, Even tho it is like almost 11 here, and I have to get up in like 7 hours, and with the sugar buzz that I am on at the moment, I don't think that I will be getting all of those 7 hours. XD.
Nya, Then I also got another Peek-A-Pooh I absolutly love those things they are amazing! They are so cute, and addicting. ^__^
[14 days till christmas]---
Lol I just felt really random and put that.
I am sad now. My Giggle Snooch Lia Marie bought me a christmas gift, and I am sad now, cuz I told him that I didn't want anything, but he sitll bought me something, Then i feel even worse, because I am absolutly broke, and I have no money to get him or any of my other friends gifts. I guess that I shall just have to give them really giagantic hugs. Cuz that is all that I can afford at the moment. XD
I'll probably take them to the mall and get them to pick something out, and that is what I shall be buying them as a late christmas gift, Tho I do have to save money for the Anime Convention in May. XD

[Festival of lights]
Okies, So i had aton of fun at the festival of lights. I too pictures and I will put them up ASAP. But my friend has them at the moment, and her and her camera are somewhere in the carribean at the moment. TT__TT

Well I better let you guys go. This is a pretty huge post. Sorry.



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