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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

   Clean Gym Floors Are No Fun At All.

Dear Friends,

Well hello there. ^^
Okies, so yesterday was Fun and interesting. XD
I got to eat cookies from my friend in math and we had another math test, and I didn't get any of it, So I only answered 3 out of the 9 questions. T_T I really really, Don't want to fail math, but At the rate that I am going, I am probably going too, and that means summer school. *cries*. So i have been working my butt off, trying to get all my homework done, and trying to makes sense of everything, even though it isn't really helping.
In Gym this kid Brett took a slap shot right to the balls, and I felt so baad for him, cuz all you see, is him net, and then BAM!! He is down on the ground crying. And I mean it was really close too, the guy was right beside him. So he couldn't walk for the rest of the 40 minute period, then, he gets back in the game and the same guy hits him in the back of the head with the hockey stick on purpose! I mean really it is just a game of floor hockey, no need to get that excited about it.

Then in Religions, we got to watch Beauty and the Beast and for those of you that dont' know, that is liek one of my fave movies. XD
I can't help it, I am a Disney lovers, and I always will be. ^^ So I was singing along and quoteing things in the movie, and everyone was laughing at me, but MEH, I could careless. I was having fun, and that was all that mattered. So I'm happy, becuase we get to continue it today in Religion. Such a wonderful way to end the school day.

BUT, that wasn't the way that mine ended yesterday. I had to coah wrestling. Which i didn't mind, It was fun, I got randomly hugged.
This kid Chance, who I coach kept bugging me about how he is in grade 9 and he is a full foot and 2 inches taller than me, Then he randomly gabs me and hugs me and started stroking my head was was liek "It's okay, let it out, It's okay to be short." XDD.
So then after wrestling I got stuck setting up for the Basketball game at 6:45 and I had to Mop the gym floor, and when I was done, the janitor came in and was like " Why didn't you get her to use the machine?" to my gym teacher, So I gave him a death glares and he awas like "Come on, you know we have a love hate realtionship, you should have expected me to do that." So i got him back by kicking the crap out of his shins. ^^
The sad thing is that I didn't get home till 6, and that is a full hour later than I usially do when I coach.

Today should be fun, I am going to go see The Festival Of Lights, Which is this huge christmas light display in the town where I live. I guess that is it known across alberta too. XDD I cna't believe that I didn't know that. XD So yeah It should be, fun *nods*

Have a good day you guys, sorry that this post was so long.

love ya.


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