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Thursday, November 30, 2006

[BreakingEven + Dancetastic]

Dear Friends,

Ok, So above you will find the song Breaking Even by Rob Szabo. The song that I am pretty much obsessed with. I love this video with all my insides. It is so amazing. Everything in it is so well put together, and well JUST WATCH IT!! I made Frank watch the video, and when she did, she made the comment that "The Guy Didn't have The Balls To Call The Girl". lol I feel so bad for the guy. Because, well he is amazing. I was laughing with the head bobbing "dance" , at the end of the video when the guy is at the concert. It makes me giggle. It is so amazing, just the look on his face, it reminds me of my friend Joe-aroonii. The Guy's hair is alot like Joe-aroonii's when he used to have it shorter.

So school was a blast yesterday. Still cold but ohwell, it is slowly starting to get alot better. In math class Rachel, Steph, Jasymne and I got up and started dancing and singing to Jingle Bells. It was SO funny. Then Jazz, had made this comment about HP sauce, she was saying how it was like "the same thing as eating steak, except better because you don't have to chew." I couldn't stop laughing when I had hear that. It made my day.

Then in English we danced to the radio and drew on oranges. Other then that, I got whooped in gym again. I'm just not good at sports lol. Then in Religions, we preformed the Jesus as a Methaphor skits, and well in the end, we starting singing to Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. We had the whole class laughing, because well everyone in my group is absolutly tone-deaf.

I am also thinking of redoing my site, I'm not really a big fan of how it is right now, I don't know why, but I am wanting to change it. *nods* So don't be shocked if over the next few days you see some changes. lol I guess that I am never Happy with my site. XD

Well Have a happy thursday you guys. ^_~

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