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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

   It's Still Cold.

Dear Friends,

So it is still a freezing -43*C outside. But I went to school yesterday, but I guess that it is good that I did,becuause I can't imagine how bored I would be sitting at home doing nothing. I wouldn't have anyone to hang out with except my little brother, and well that isn't alot of fun. Ha ha.

Gym was fun. I finally made my teacher stop telling everyone that I was such a great athlete. I have no clue where in the world he got that idea. But he just kept telling people that I was good, and well all I have to say is that I am glad that it is over. BUT anyways, so we played Badminton in gym class, and I lost 2 games and won two games. The two games that I won were 15-2 and 15-0. It made me laugh, because I couldn't believe that I was atually winning. I never ever win. Because well, I just suck at sports.

After that, I came home, had a nap made dinner, and went on the computer, the same thing that I do pretty much everyday. I'm not that exciting.

Well have a good one you guys.

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