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Monday, November 27, 2006

   My hands are fricken cold!

Dear Friends,

Okie, So it is like 7:50 am here, and well I am freakin cold! It is -40*C outside, and I have to walk to school in that! I really REALLY am dreading haivng to walk to school. I don't want to freeze.
My little brother is lucky, If the school bust doesn't come for him him in like 5 min, he doesn't have to go to school! I really wish that I could switch postions with him, for the moment.
GRRR. I really dislike being cold, so today is going to be a bad day, I can alredy tell lol. I mean I am probbably going to be in a bad mood because of the weather.
But I guess that I would want to go to school today, because It means that I might be able to go and see my old teacher Mr. Rob!!
Cuz well I volunteered to help corner wrestling matches for the Quad meet, and so yuss. It should be pretty fricken rad if i can see him, I mean I think that it would be.
So I have become Addicted to this song called:
Giggle Snooch got me hooked on it last night. DANG YOU!! lol.
So yeah, the music video for it is so CUTE, and well the song, the song, is just pretty much amazing, If you want to see the video, well then, just Click.
So yeah, I guess that I must get ready for school and be ready to face the cold, I am going to have so many freaking layers on. XDD

Love you guys.


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