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Sunday, November 26, 2006

   To Kill A Mockingbird Is Death!

Dear Friends,

Well Hey, I'm so glad that you guys liek what I have done with my site. It is suppose to be themed different. I was going for a Seo Taiji theme. because well, I have recently become obsessed with him *nods*. But I am waiting for a banner and Avi, which kima is getting for me
*huggles Kima*
I'm also thinking of redoing my navigation, becuase i don't like the way that it looks, but I am having troubles thinking of how to do it., if any of you guys have suggestions feel free to say them.
well yeah.. Like the title says TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Is death!
I have to read 16 chapters of it by tuesday. Seeing as we have a test on the entire book then, and well I haven't finished itm because I am a dumbbutt.
So yeah other than that, I am mad because Viva La Bam is no longer on. *sighs*
ut Homewrecker is, and that show makes me laugh. But saldy it means that I won't get my weekly fill of VLB. Oh well I guess that is why there is Youtube. XDD
So I hope you guys have a good weekend.

love ya


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