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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Excitment and a Math Test,

Dear Friends,

Well hey there,
So from my title, I am excited about how many comments I recieved yesterday! 12! *dances* I think that that is the most that I have ever gotten! It makes me so happy, seeing as I am a comment whore. and I love pretty much all the comments that any one sends me even if they are just for random reasons ^_^

SO yesterday in school I went and played Pool for Gym, and I pretty much kicked butt. I beat my teacher, and this kid JImmy in a game. It made me laugh. *nods*
Then today, i get to go Bowling AGAIN! So, it should be a pretty fun time, at least I think that it would be. Mmhmm, mmhmm.
lol, plus that means that I can go an buy fries for luch, because normally the only place where you can buy fries that is by my school would be the A&W and well, personally I don't like their fries. =D

So yeah, I have ANOTHER math test today, and well I relly don't think that I am redy for it, I wat stiing at a 60% until last week, but sadly i am not back down to a 58%, so I am going ot have to work as hard as I can! I really am hopping that I can do well on the test, Cuz I really want to bring my math mark up, seeing as it is the only reason that I never made Honor. *sighs*

well I shall stop talking now, and let you guys go.
Have a good one

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