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Monday, November 13, 2006

   This Weekend Was The Best

Dear Friends,

Well hey there you guys!
So this weekend has been really fricken amazing!
On Friday we had the school dance. I went and had a blast, I was dancing pretty much the whole time. Square dancing and what not, I even did the Polka. Ha ha ha But then again I am an idiot. I even won a prize for one of the best dancers. But the crappy thing is that I put it down and when I went to go get again some one had taken it, but I guess that that is what you get when you are dumb like that.
So Saturday was so much fricken fun! FC and SB came over to my place at like 2:00, then after that we went and hung out at the Wal-Mart for about and hour and a half. It was so much fun. We were in the toy section most of the time. Lol. Then after that, we had headed to the McD¡¯s part of the Wal-Mart, and pigged out. During which I ended up burping so loud that the entire restaurant was staring at me. I was so embarrassed, but it was the type of thing that you couldn¡¯t help but just burst out laughing about, if you know what I mean. So, after that incident in the McDonalds FC, SB and I went and bought those Peek-A-Pooh key chains. XD
They are strangly addicting, I can¡¯t help it, and I love all of the ones that I have. ^^
We ended up leaving soon after that, and went back to my house to watch Pretty In Pink and Alice In Wonderland. I have to say that both of those movies are absolutely fantastic. *nods*
So, I can¡¯t really remember what happened during those times, but all I know is that there were Glomping rounds, Hugging rounds, the odd Tuggle, I got socks shoved into my mouth, and there were about 5 poke fights. Oh yeah, SB also creeped out FC by shoving her poppy through her nails. XDD
Yeah then sometime after that, around 4 am, we decided to go to sleep, which I was grateful for, because I was pretty much already falling asleep.
Yesterday, we didn¡¯t wake up will about 10 I believe that it was. FC was sleeping in my bed, SB was sleeping on the Ledge of my window (cuz I have one of those box windows) and I was sleeping on the floor. ^^
My room is such a mess right now; there are so many feather all over the place, and blankets pushed all over the floor. I have about 3 pillows tossed across my bed, so I guess in other words I am saying that I have a lot to clean up before I go to bed- which will be fairly soon, seeing as it is 12:37 here, and I need to go over to a friends house tomorrow to work on this religions project.-yup.
So then after that, we all got up and ate break fast which was really lunch, and then I made everyone get changed because I wanted to go on walk, lol I get these really weird impulses which are like GODDAMN! I WANT TO GO ON A WALK NOW!
XD. I don¡¯t know what is wrong with my, lol But then again, I have always been weird. Going on the walk was fun, we had stopped by the 7-11 and bought-well actually FC bought it- Pepsi, and other food. Then we were off for an hour long walk. We didn¡¯t have a destination it was just go where ever the hell you wanted to type of thing. ^^
Once we got back to my Place we played some video games, and then sadly FC and SB had to go home.
So I gave them the biggest hugs and then they left.
So after that I went on the comp and worked on my essay, and listened to my cousin¡¯s new song. ^^
So yeah that brings me to where I am now. *nods*
This post is getting pretty long, so I guess that I shall let you go.
Have a good one you guys


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