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Thursday, November 9, 2006


Dear Friends,

So yesterday started out pretty good, but then ending up shitty.
I get to school and I was in a fantastic mood, becuase we got to do the Jive in gym class, and i happen to know how to do the jive, and I like doing it. So the day goes on, Math, Rememberance day gathering-During which one of the students fainted. Then english, it was all the norm and I can say that it was all going pretty well.
Then at lunch I was talking to Chantel, and we decided that we needed to get together to have a Dir En Grey/Malice Mizer/ D'espairs Ray/Anime Extravaganza. Then While I'm in mid sentance with her my other friends just wondered off.
It doesn't help that when I first met chatel, the first thing that my friends said to me were that she was weird and a freak. I mean she is the closest thing that I have at that school to having friends like I did back where I used to live.
Then because of that, I got really sad and started thinking about my old friends, and how much I really missed them.
Gym. I had fun with my TAG buddy Curtis, we tried doing the Polka to techno music. It didn't really work. But we had fun, and that was all that mattered. Then i started getting pissed because we had to do the Jive and I got partnered up with this kid Kelly who didn't do ANYTHING! He just stood there. Which made me mad, because I was looking forward to doing it.
Then religion was just a pain in the ass.

So when I got home, the day started to get better, I watched some ANTM and spent time on the computer, But then it went downhill from there again. I got in a fight with a friend. I never fight with friends, and if I do it's nothing. *sighs* It's usally along the lines of You're Wrong, I'm Right. But that wasn't what this one was. I guess I pushed My friend away, and that is why they got mad at me, The thing is I have no clue how I pushed them away, and it wasn't my intention to push them away. So i spent like 20 munites on the computer trying to make things better, And I think that I did. But I also think that I have made things alot worse.
That was really the last thing that I ever wanted. I hate being in fights with my friends no matter how tiny they are. The thing that really got me was that I was trying so Hard to apologize and I was trying so hard to make things better, but it didn't seem like any of it was helping. ='(
I wanted to say thanx to the friends that were online to help cheer me up. I really needed that. Especially to the one that actually was willing to listen to my tiny ass problems. Kike the cheese fo Sho.
So last night after I had logged of the computer, I kinda brokedown. I have been slung in to one of those moods where anything can make me cry. *sighs* It's been a while since I have cried. About 2 months, which is good for me, seeing as I am one of the biggest Cry Babies that you will ever meet. I cry about everything. Annoying eh? ha ha ha.

Well so that was my shitty yesterday, I'm praying that today will be so much better. I need to go and study for math now. Have a good one you guys. I love you all. (L)(L)(L)


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