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Monday, November 6, 2006

Weekends Can Actually NOT Be Boring

Dear Friends,

So herro there,
How was your weekend?
Mine was pretty good actually. I am happy to say that.
So Friday was a fun time. The anime Club at me school is so much fun! We got to just sit around and watch Howl’s Moving Castle, and read the random mangas that people had brought to the meeting. I don’t think that I have been that hyper in a while. Chantal was so funny. We kept pointing our how the dog in the movie has Chicken legs and pretty much anything else that you would think that one wouldn’t notice.
But sadly, I had to leave early because my dad was coming to pick me up, to take me to his place for the weekend. So I rushed home to find that my dad had been waiting for me for 10 minutes. SO naturally I felt bad and kept apologizing, and then he told me that I shouldn’t worry because he was early and that I was on time. X3
So I piled my self in to his car and we were off for the normal 3 hour car ride. *sighs*
I really dislike that car ride a lot. It is such a pain. Both literally and figuratively.
So yeah then I just sat around the house listened to some Dir En Grey, and Malice Mizer and then went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning there was a spider crawling around in my eyelashes, I was freaked out at first but then I put him on my hand and I decided to make him Frank. So yesh, I have a spider named Frank that lives in my bedroom at my dad’s place. That is some thing that NONE of you guys have.
Then I just sat around again and waited till Viva La Bam and Mad TV were on, and I watched those so happily. *nods*
Sadly though my Dad’s Satellite was all messed up while Viva La Bam was on, so I missed like half of the episode and that really pissed me off, So I went to bed that night mad as hell.

Then today, when I woke up, I got dressed and called my grandma, to say that we were going to stop over for a visit. And to my surprise when I waited for the phone the be answered, my auntie who lives in Portland picked up. I guess that the night before tho she was drinking Scotch and Beer, I even know that that isn’t the best combo ever, and so I couldn’t help but laugh when I got over to my grandma’s house to see my aunt was hung-over as hell.
From there, I made fun of her pretty much the whole time and helped to make Sushi for my third cousins wedding, How the hell does one get a second cousin twice removed? XD
I have always wondered that.
Yeah. Then I went home. So that was pretty much it. Ha ha ha. Then I got home went on Nexopia and here for a few hours, Cleaned my bathroom and then watched X men 3. I tried to help two friends of mine get back together. And then yeah. I’m sitting here typing this up, talking to people on MSN.

Well have a good one you guys.


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