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Thursday, November 2, 2006

   The Quarter is over tomorrow.

Dear Friends,

So hello there,
Yesterday was so much fun. Rollerbadling was a total blast, The place actually got a DJ for us and turned on all of the strobe lights. It was amazing. We were all skainging around dancing and falling on our butts, but we really could have cared less about that. We were having fun, and that was all that mattered.
English Class yesterday, was one of the boring classes. It semmed like it went on forever. I thought that it would never end.
But it was a funny class aswell. Cuz Cody had these gloves that I wanted and I kept trying to steal on e from him, and it wouldn't work so he kept grabbing and stroking my legs. It creeped me out.. XD
Then after class I yelled that I wanted one of the gloves, and he yelled back "That isn't all that you want! YOU DIRTY WHORE"
lmfao. It makes me laugh.

I think that I have a math test today, which should be some major fun. If i do have it, i am screwed cuz I don't know anything that is going to be on it, so I can't cram last minutes, like I usually do. But I think that I may just have an idea. *claps*
I hope that is do. *crosses fingers*

I think that Wrestling is also starting in Gym. I really hope that it is. If you didn't know, Wrestling is my favorite unit in Gym. I don't know why, I'm not good at it. I just think that it is fun, I mean a reason to "Beat" people, well I think that that is amazing

My quarter ends today. I'm so worried, I mean I have asignments and so much other stuff to do today. And I'm really hoping that I can get everything done, and what not. Plus, I hope that I am going to be able to find my religions class tomorrow. I have heard that the teacher is a bitch. So I am praying that she isn't as bad as I have heard from the people that had her this Quater.

So yeah this post is about notthing and yet is it getting quite long. So I think that I shall be letting you guys go, and get on with your day.


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