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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Omg. I love Halloween.

Dear Friends,

Hey there,
I hope that you guys all had and awsome Halloween! I had a blast last night. I ended up dressing as a faerie, and I actually wore a skirt, which I think is amazing because I never ever wear skirts, dresses or anything like them. Ha ha.
I had these huge gold fake eyeleashes on, and i wore my neon yellow stockings and a black shirt, and put Silver and Yellow spray in my hair. It was amazing. I was so cold tho. So we only ended up going out for like 10 minutes.

I watched half od Chris Angel's Halloween Special, and it was really creepy and then HOUSE, well don't even get me started on HOUSE. It was just fricken' amazing, that is all that I really can say about it.

So I get to go rollerblading in school today for GYM, it should be a fun time. I think that I am gonna request all of the weirdest music ever. And it shall be awesome.
I'm pretty much addicted to Mindless Self Indulgence, they are such an amazing band! They make me want to do a happy dance. ^^
Other than that, nothing is new with me, I have a feeling tho, that I am going to gain about 10 pounds over the next 2 days with all of the candy that I am going to eat. I luff candeh. It is amazing.

Are you guys having problems with the text in my post? cuz i have recieved PMs saying that it isn't white.
please tell me, so that i can fix this.

thank you.
*hugs for all*


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