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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

   Happy Halloween To You All.

Dear Friends,

So it is halloween the countdown can be finished! The fantastic day is finally here!
So, how are you guys??
I wanted to thank all of you for your comments on my site, they means so much to me.
*huggles you all.*
So i finally have plans for halloween!
well at least ones that I know that I am going to be able to make, and join in.
I am gonna go over to SummerBaby's house and help her hand out candy, that way, we can watch Chris Angel's Halloween Special and HOUSE!! I am so excited for all of it. It should be a really fun time ^^

Well Yesterday was so boring, i did absolutly nothing but sit around the house and talk to people on MSN. Sounds like a rad time no? ha ha ha.
Yeah other than that, i watched Rent again. I absolutly love that movie. Angel is the best character hands down i love him to bits!

OH, i have made a new sister! FV. I guess that I am her long lost sister in canada, or at least that is what we talked about on Staurday I believe. *nods*

well yesh, I think that i am happy with the way that my site turned out, but then again it is me and i like to change my site alot some time, ha ha ha
so if you come and vist me, don't be surprized to see that i have completly changed it.

So i have kinda realized that over time, i have lost my original typing style that i had, when i first joined her about a year and a half ago. *sighs* it makes me quite sad, but i guess that I shall have to get over it. I'm sure that one day I'll start typing like that again, and my posts will see SO much longer than they really are.

well i think that i am gonna go, i have to get ready for school. It's -11*C out there, so i need to get my self use to the weather seeing as by christams, or my birthday, it is probably goning to be like -30*C. DAMN CANADIAN WEATHER!!!
*shakes fist*

well yeah i shall let you go, I hope that you all have an awosme halloween! Get lots of free candies!
*hugs for all*


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