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Friday, October 27, 2006

never thought that i could feel like this

Dear Friends,

Today absolutely rocked!
In math I found this cute little spider, and I was playing with him, but then this kid Dan ended up guishing him with his foot.
Then in ELA I actually got further into To Kill A Mocking Bird, I can actually read it now, tho I do have to say, it isnít the best book that I have ever read, and I donít think that it is one that I would have read on my own spare time. I hate the dialogue in it. It annoys me, but yeahÖ
Then lunch. The Highlight of my day!
I was waiting in line at the concession and all of the sudden I see this girl and she is wearing this Dir En Grey shirt. So when I bought my slushie I asked her where she got her T-shirt. Then she was like Can I Hug You? And jumped over the counter and hugged me, and while she did that she knocked over some of the chocolate pudding.
Then she was like, ďI Thought That I Was Alone in the City.Ē
Ha ha ha
So I caught her after she was finished working at the concession and we started talking about all of this stuff and it turns out that we are going to be in the same Spanish class next semester, even tho she is in grade 12. Then when we were talking, she whips out these 2 Dir En Grey CDs and I was like WHOA! Ha ha ha.
I also then found out that when I was in Las Vegas for my summer holidays she was too, and so was Dir En Grey. *sighs*
So I missed them. That makes me so very sad.
But anyways I canít wait for the next semester. Spanish is going to be so much freaking fun. Iím so sure that it will be. And maybe now, I may have some one to go to Ota-Fest with this year
Oh, I also found out that there is an Anime Club at my school. And the girl that I met is the founder of it, and I guess that they meet every Friday after school, but not this week cuz she has to plan for a party or something like that, I canít remember what she had exactly told me.
So next week, I guess that I shall be going to the Anime Club, and hopefully making some new friends.
Not that I have a problem with the ones that I have made so far this year. Well, okay I have a problem with one of them. When I asked the girl where she got her shirt she turns to me and is like ďare you sure that you want to be talking to her? She is a freak. She is really weird, and no one really likes her.Ē So the pissed me off, cuz after me and this girl started talking, I felt so comfortable with her. It was like I was back home before I even moved, having a conversation with my old friends. Not that my old friends can ever be replaced, cuz well they are rad and they cannot be.

So yeah. Then at the end of the day Iím sitting in my computer class and I look through the window in the class room and I see this girl Britt, that went to my old school and then after her I see my friend Amy. So I was wondering what exactly was going on, and it turns out the team from my old school was playing the junior high team from my school in a game of Volleyball.
So I got to see a few of my old friends and that just made everything so fantastic!
I would deffinetly have to say that today has been on of the best days that I have had in a while.

Iím so happy that today ended up like it did. *squees* I am so happy at the moment, and I found out that I can go to a movie tomorrow, s now I just need to get in touch with Dabunnygirl, to see what time the movie is, to make sure that I can go and see it.
The sad thing tho, is that I canít get a hold of her. *sighs* this is not good. Not good at all.

Ha Iím so scared; we are going to go see the Grudge 2. And well if any of you have talked to me often, you should know that I dislike scary movies a lot.
Well yeah,

This post is getting quite long, so I shall finish it now.
I luff you all.

P A N C A K E you are amazing I L O V E you with all of my insides


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