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Thursday, October 26, 2006

She Looked Like Death

Dear Friends,

So, hey there!
I'm pretty pissed off at the moment, a warning to you my sweets.
my mom got me into a pretty bad mood a few hours ago, and i have been stuck in it ever since.
She has pretty much ban me from the phone, and gives me heck every time that I am on the computer.
It's so stupid. I absolutly hate it so very much. I hate it with all of my insides.
I was on the phone in the middle of a conversation, and she picks up the other end, and is like, " how long exactly do you think that you are going to be on?"
then after that she was yelling at me to hang up, so i did. Then she was saying that I can't talk on the phone all the time.
But I mean really? Does she not understand that the phone and the computer is the only way for me to talk to my firends?
Cuz I mean the ones that I have here I only ever talk to during school. So we aren't really that close.
So I mean come on.
Personally I think that she is being unreasonable.

Good news.
I'm doing better in Hip-Hop. I can actually do the stall that she wants us to do.
The bad thing is that she now wants us to do a back spin, which for me is like OMFG HELL NO.
ha ha ha ha ha.
I have already hurt my back enough trying to attepmt it, and i haven't gotten the hang of it yet.
Crap is all i can say to that. Crap!
My Math mark has gone up a whole 2 percent. So I Roiben, am no longer sitting at a 53%, but a 55%
Ha ha. I know it's nothing special, but I am so shocked that I am actually passing Math. I think that it is just fantastic.
Also, I actually get the unit that we are doing at the moment, I would have to say that it is the easiest thing that we have done yet.
I'm happy to say that I am passing ELA with very good marks. So I don't have to worry about completley failing this Quarter. Which would be the most horrid thing that I think could happen.
Maybe I'm wrong, but Oh-well, right?

Today I listened to some Bright Eyes and a whole bunch of different songs from Moulin Rouge--The best movie EVAH--ha ha ha.
I love it, When I was listeneing to the songs, I realized how much of a dork i was. Even tho i haven' theard any of those songs for about 3 years,
I still knew every single work to all of them

Well Im getting yelled at to get of the computer, by guess who. My mother.

Have a good one you guys,
I love you muchly.


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