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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

   The Drunk Kids And The Catholics Are All About The Same.

Dear Friends,

Well herro there.
well the thing is i need to get my gues to sign a sheet and all of this shit.
it makes me so mad
but right now, i can't be mad, cuz i am listing to bright eyes, and that is my happy music at the moment.
yeah so my sweeties, what should i tell you next?
oh, how about hip-hop class,
i can't keep a beat, i mean really i can't
i think that i am just dancing challenged.
ha ha ha.
Even this kid Corey says so.
so yeah but other than that, i only have to go through 2 more days without english being exciting.
so that is a really good thing, i can't stand it not being exciting.
I'm so freaked out, cuz i mean the quarter is over in like a week.
i think that that is juat crazy, i can't bellieve that i have been in shcool for that long, i mean really, it just blows my mind,
man i have to go to the bath room.
just thought that i would let you guys know that
ha ha ha
so yeah..
i don't know what else to say...
I have a bunch of Excel assignments comming up this week, i'm hoping that i actually pass them.
It's funny that is my best calss i'm sitting at a 97 in it.
wow. i just amazing myself.

I wo'nt be getting to anysites, cuz well myo is being dumb and not letting me comment.
I'm sorry.

well my pretties,
i think that that is all that i have to say,
So now i am gonna get ready fo another horrid day of school and listen to some more
Bright Eyes

Have a good one


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