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Monday, October 23, 2006

   Shlaaaaaaa =/

Dear Friends,

Well hey there.
Sorry that i haven't posted for the past few days, Things here have been a little crazed.
My math test was cancelled first off, and now i have it today. I'm scared cuz i can't remember anything that we needed to know for the dang test!
Well i guess that i am just going to have to fail another one. Ha ha ha ha
Dear lord. I hope not.
Right now i am listening to So Impossible by Dashboard COnfessional.
Wow, i haven't listened to dashboard in forever. But i love it, and i guess that i always will.
It makes me sad that Christopher Ender Carabba is married.
he is so cute. =[

I still havne't bought dance tickets. I have been forgetting and then on firday they weren't selling them seeing as out lunches on fridays are only 15 minutes. Which absolutly sucks. but then again if it means that i can get outta school and back home i'll take anything.
I finally got iTunes on my computer, but it is being retarded. It doesn't burn CDs, It burned one and then i went through like 10 more and the sutpid thing keepes saying that ineed to insert a blank disc. and it is like WTF! i just bought these you piece of shit!
so that is pissing me off, Then it wouldn't recognize my iPod. which ticked me off even more.

My weekend was fun. Summerbaby came over and ended up spending the night. We watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop Of Horrors and Gingersnaps.
I loved The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Gingersnaps, the theing was tht GIngersnaps scared the crap outta me even tho it isn't a very scary moive. But i am weird liek that and getting me to watch pretty much any scarry movie is one of the Hardest things that a person can do.
Then yesterday i went to a pumpkin carving thing with all of my little cousin and i saw The Lake House. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I Thought that it was so fantastic, and i spent pretty much the whole movie trying to explain it to my aunt. ha ha ha.

well i think that i shall leave you now, because this is a pretty long post, and it is most likly boring you. If it is i'm sorry.



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