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Friday, October 20, 2006

   hey there

Dear Friends,

so hey.
today was pretty fun.
I kicked some major ass in bowling and i found out about a great new band.
So In english today, it was the most amazing class ever. I think that english would have to be liek the highlight os my day. XD
we are sitting in class and we were readin To Kill A Mocking Bird. which has to be one of the most boring books ever. But anyways i didn' wana read it and neither did Cody.
So we just sat there making faces at eachother, then he was stroking the air behind my friend Rachel's hair and licking the air, so i was like dude JUST DO IT. and he wouldn't but then he pulls me over to the side and is like DRAW SOMETHING ON MY BINDER!!
ha ha ha so i did and then i got him to draw somthing on my binder. and he drew a where's Waldo. i didn't get it at first, but he was liek waldo is actually on there, look for him!
and then i have Fetching Cody written on my binder cuz it is an amazing movie for ever one that like garden state. and well he saw that and he wrote. OH, my name. EWW. XDD
It's funny. English class is so amazing. I love it so fricken much.

So then in bowling i enede dup buying food for like 4 people so now i am in the whole about 8 bucks but i shall get it all back
which is a really good thing, yuss?

ummm other than that i came home went on Nex again and got a random message about this band called
This I Confess...
i probably didn't spell it right, but you guys should check out their purevolume.
They are actually really good.
here is the link Click
so yeah check them out.

I'm actually gonna uy dance tickets tomorrow. ha ha. It is gonna take forever for me to actually get them ,
well i guess that i shall be going now, cuz i have nothing else to say and i really need to get studying for my Math Test that i have First period tomorrow.
Wish me luck

**Well i have been watching this anime called Papa To Kiss In The Dark. And it is all beacues of Cat. LMFAO. Me got me wondering what it was like, so i had to just see it. Let's say MAJOR YAOI.
ha ha ha ha
*shakes fist*

Have a good one.


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