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Thursday, October 19, 2006

so, if you didn't know, i snort when i laugh.

Dear Friends,

hey there, so are you ready for another fun filled edition of R O I B E N ' S L I F E ?
well get ready, becasue here it comes.
So Today i went curling again and i had a fun time. I just threw rocks as hard as i could, adn well i actually talked to other people other than Cocoa and Timbit. XD
long story.
But yeah. I didn't fall once, i have to say that i am very proud of myself, i have to say that that is a big acomplish ment for me.
Yeah i got another math test back today, and i failed A G A I N. The good thing is that i am now at a 53% in math instead of a 42% ha ha ha. I don't know if i am going to take pure math next year, but i most likley would
Then in Info Pro it was pretty fun. I mean working with spread sheets is no fun, but i can't rember what happened but i laughed ans so, if you didn't know, I snort when I laugh. Before it was only when i laughed really really hard, But now it is all the time.
And yeah, this guy Corey who sits beside me was like "WHOA! WHAT WAS THAT?" I was like, don't make fun of me. and he was like well you have to admit that it was pretty funny. so the rest of the period was pretty much an argument between us on it being funny or not.

Yeah so my day was actually quite funtoday. i still need to buy dance tickets, but i will do that on friday.
yeah. I really can't wait for the dance, lol i wanna see if this school acually has col dances or if their dances suck major ass, just like my old scchool's dances. I'm hoping that it is going to be a ton of fun.

So i am watcing 15 love right now, and i have to say that i love this show. but not as much as i love house of course. But anyways it's suck a cool show...at least that is what i think. But then again i am a dork. ^^

well i think that i am gonna header now.
Have A Good One You Guys
I Love You All.


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