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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

   As Her Shoes Gripped The Dirt Floor...

Dear Friends,

Well Hey.
So yesterday, i was almost late for Info Pro Class, Which isn't good, Cuz i was late last week and My Teacher gave me this Lecture on the inportance on being on thime for class, and i really really didn't want that again.
I didn't really do anything yesterday
It's was fun, at least i thought that it was.
In the second game, i won with a INSANE total of 21 points.
Ha ha ha. It was only 3 frames.
But still all that matters is that i won a game right?
So today i get to go Curling again. And i get to be a TANK and throw the rocks to the other hack. Yeah that is what i have been doing the other days that we went curling.
I still need money to buy dance tickets, and I'm not planning to Buy them till friday cuz till then, i just don't have the time or the moeny. So i guess that that works out no?
I have made it to the 5th chapter of my story. So i shall probably begin posting it on Saturdays Once again. Like i did....*checks* I have no clue when. But it was some time last year. Ha ha haha.
So yesh.
My tooth really hurts cuz i went to the dentisit yesterday and the person that ws doing hte check upp was fricken digging the pick thingy into my gums. So yeah now it hurts to eat and to fully close my mouth.
*shakes fist*
Ha ha ha ha.
So yeah other than that as usual my life was boring.
so i shall let go guys leave.

EDIT: 7:28 am

Well i thought that i would add more to this post. I'm listeing to Vanessa Carlton and her song White Houses.
I have been Listeing to the finniest music latley. Hanson. and so on. But i love it all. I don't think that i woudl ever be able to get tired of it.
I actually really like this song.
ha ha ha ha ha.
I know i am a loser.
So yeah. The only probelem about this song is that it makes me depressed. I really want the weekend to come, cuz i just wanna sit around the house adn think about shit, and not have to be expected to do anything.
It helps that my mom has to go to a wedding and so i'll be home alone with my little bro. So then, I can just think. I'll probably lock my slef in my room like i usually do, and just listen to music. Stuff tat cheers me up like Jack's Mannequin or I dunno, Proably some Death From Above. Either or, aslong as it gets me outta this mood right? that is all that mattes.

Have a good one.



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