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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

   Well hey there.

Dear Friends,

So hey there you guys.
I wanna thank you for the comments on my last post, They we AMAZING. And i loved them all muchly. =]
So nyesh, what has happened to me since the weekend? That is a question that I am going to have to work on. Sadly as most of you know i have the worst memory out there. It is quite sad.
So please, hold on while i try to remember what happened.
So i went to my dad's and just sat around on my ass the enitre time that i was there, I apent the ret of the time laughing at the stupid Knock Knock jokes that my step sister made and then other than that i did nothign OH but i did watch Viva La Bam and Wild Boyz. I don't think that i weeekend can be complete with out it.
So yeah other than that i just spent all my time on nexopia. Ha ha ha yuppers, i have become really addicted to it latley. I dunno why, but i have. I have been so obsessed with making my site look pretty and what not. You know,
The usual.

SO yeah today was boring went curling, kicked some ass, got made fun of. The usual yet again. XD but other than that absolutly nothing.
So i'm bored sitting here thinking of what to type
having Some Problems Here And There
I'm worried about next week when i won't have my new made "friends" with me aat school.
I hate being alone. I get really depressed and just.. it's stupid. I guess i need to learn how to be more independant.
but to get there, first i need to work on my spelling

well anyways this post is just getting stupid, there is no real point to it...
so have a good one all of you guys,
I love all of you.

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