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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

   fricken Chicken?

Dear Friends,

Yup, I am very bored, if you haven't noticed.

So today was boring. Actually got 100% on a math test. Then in English we watched a movie called Tsotsi. It was a fantastic film.

Then afterwards at lunch I got to burn my mouth on my Pizza pop.
what fun no?

Gym was fun-tastic. We played soccer and i got hit in the face twice, in the legs three times and in the chest once. Then after that we played Hockey. I scored 4 goals, which is rad considering i don't even know how to hold a hockey stick.
Sad thing is tat it is true, and i hate it

Yeah then in Info Pro I had a rad time laughing it up with this kid Corey. I Can't remember what we were laughing about but it was halarious. Yup, *nods*

So as you can see my day was boring, my days usually are, *sighs*

Oh, yeah I'm mad taht House isn't on. I absolutly love that show and it isn't going to be on till Halloween. *sighs* and I am going to miss it on Halloween seeing as i plan to go trick or treating. Tho, I have no idea what I am going to be
All I know is that I want these Kick-ass Hot Pink and Black socks, and a pair of Faerie wings that they have,

So nya...
Da dum dum dum hum slum.

well i guess that i shall stop pestering you. Have A Good One You Guys
Much Love.
ILU My Ratacular Pancake


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