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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

   happy turkey day to canadians

Dear Friends,

Well hey there.
Just wanted to say to all of you canadians, that i hope you had a happy Turkey day.
Yeah, I have eaten so much turkey, that I never ever want to see the damned bird evah again.
just watch in a few hours I'll be craving the bird.
If that happens i have no clue what I am gonna do. I will probably be sick that is what. Ha ha.
Well this Thanksgiving Sucked compared to all of the other ones that I am so used to having. I never thought that I would end up missing the 50 people that attended, but sure enough I did.
So last night I watched Big Fish Which I haave to say is the most fantastic movie.
that is of course until Valiant Comes out.
I love everything about that movie, How it's so fairy tale like and what not.

Other than that I spent all of today on Nexopia. I love that place, I love chaingng my page. It is amazing. ha ha ha. Except for the odd Creepers that you get on there.

Speaking of Creepers, that reminds me of this kid Cody in my class.

On friday he kept staring at me and he wouldn't stop, so i was asked him why he kept staring at me and His answer was I Duno. But here this way should make the conversation popout.

Me:"so yeah."
Cody:*shoves his hand in his pocket.* Guess What I Have in My Pocket?
Me: I dunno what?
Cody: *pulls hand out to reveil nothing and blows air in my face* A POCKET FULL OF SMILES
Me:*laughs so hard she cries*
Cody: HA HA
Me:*continues to laugh*
Cody:Are you okay?
Me:*continues to laugh*
Cody:wow i didn't think that it would work that well.
Me:you-and then-pocket-and-smiles BWAHAHAHAHA
Cody:okay then...

Then later in english we were sitting in the Library and another funny thing happened.
Me:*looks Up*
Cody:*is staring at her*
Me:What the hell kid?
Cody: what?
Me:Stop Staring at me.
Cody:I'm not.
Me:Yes you are.
Me:*goes back to work* then look sup to seea heart drawn in Cody's note book and he is pointing it to her.* WTF?
Cody:*flips the page to a page that says LOL*

~After Class~

Me:Why are you so creepy?
Cody:I'm not
Me:yes you are
Cody:Ha no
Me:Well then why do you always give me weird looks?
Cody:I'm not, I try to have a nice conversation with you from across the Library and you burst out laughng!
Cody:Your Crazy
Me:No i'm--Well okay i am but you're creepy, you creeper.

ha ha ha yup that was the highlight of my friday,
God, I really need to get out more. ha ha ha
well I think that I am gonna header off to bed now.

Have a good one you guys.

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