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Thursday, October 5, 2006

bored and i need to get ready for shcool I CAN'T WAIT TILL HALLOWEEN

Dear Friends,

So hello there,
I finally found out my freaking mark in Math and guess what it is!
A fantastic 44% ha ha ha. Pathetic no? Well I know that the most of you are probably like, why donít you change? Well the thing is that first off, I Donít want to change, because I want to be able to prove to myself that I can make it through and pass the Pure Math 10. Then second off, I canít change, because well my school wonít allow people to change classes any more. So I am just going to have to tough it out this semester. Then hopefully I can prove to myself that I will be able to get through this.

So somehow, I ended up volunteering myself to be the assistant, assistant coach for the high school wrestling team. Cuz well I was talking to my Gym teacher about what I needed to teachóbecause in order for us to get credits you need to teach on classóand so he asked me what teams I was on in Jr. High and I said that I was on the wrestling team. So then, outta nowhere there was this girl and she was like ďWhoa, you wrestle?Ē So I told her that I did, and then she was telling me about how she needs help for coaching the team, because she canít do it all by herself. Then my Gym teacher asked me if I needed community hoursófor religion, cuz without them you canít get creditsóSo I told him that I did, and he was like, well then why donít you go and help out with the wrestling practices in November. So yeahÖ
Iím really scared because well Iím not that good at wrestling and second I am scared of all the people that are going to be on the team, because well I donít know them

On another note, I am scared that I might be drifting away from MOONOFDARKNESS and MIDNIGHTGIRL. I mean I used to talk to them on the phone like every single day, but for the past 2 weeks I havenít talked to either one of them. So I really hope that that isnít going too happened, because well, that would just absolutely crush me. And I really, really mean that. So I think that I shall be calling the both of them tonight, once I get home from school and get all of my homework done.

Iím starting to dislike the people at school again, I mean there are a few cool people like Cody, Corey, Rachel and Ashley. But I mean I really donít like the other people, at least what I have seen from them. Iím especially getting ticked off at Jewel and Steph, because well Jewel is one of those people who is really smart but likes to play the dumb card, because she thinks that it is cute, and well I HATE it when people do that, like no matter how nice they are, to me it is the equivalent of them being a bitch. Donít ask me to explain why, but that is just the way that I feel about it.
Then steph, she is nice and all, but she is somewhat two-faced. Like I mean she is nice to me and Rachel and the people that she likes but other than that she seems like a bitch to others, which ticks me off as well. I dunno maybe I am just being stupid and over looking too many things, maybe this is why some of the people at me school think that I am a stuck up bitch. I dunno, Iím sure tho that I shall be getting used to things. Most of the people there are nice, cept for a few who are always in my classes
*mutters something under her breath*

Well yeah, this post is getting really long and it is all pretty much ranting, so I shall be letting you guys go, cuz I still have to get ready for school which starts in like 20 min. XD
Ha ha ha ha.

Well have a good one you guys, I love you all

*huggles for all of you*

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