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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

   herro there...i'm bored and it's early in the mornig so i decided to POST

Dear Friends,

Well hey there,
yesterday was horrible, i got my math test back and i got a FANTASTIC 13 outta 30
i'm soo doomed. i don't want to fail.
so i have been trying my hardest, but that doesn't even seem to be enough to bring up my math. and the thing is my mom is getting mad at me yelling at me and say "WHY DIDI YOU PICK THE HARDEST MATH CLASS?" which pisses me off cuz she is the one that made me take it! She was like it is either that or Physics. and i mean i don't want to be in a class that i can't even spell.

so yeah. i guess that i am gonna have to study my brains out this Semester. and cut down time on the comp...which hasn't been working very well so far.

yeah..OH i have recently become obsessed with GACKT.
i mean i was before. but now i am more than ever. TEE HEE HEE. I can't help it tho, he's so PURDEH!
ha ha ha ha ha
well i better get going. i need to study my math before school starts and i know that i am gonna need a good 45 min to get it into my head. and that is about how much time i have before i have to leave to go to school

ha ha ha yeah.. OH also i think that i am getting sick again. TT.TT
it makes me sad, but i guess that is what i get for not wearing a jacket. I cna't help it, i don't like jackets i would rather wear a hoody, or sweater. i just don't liek jackes. don't ask me why, cuz i don't even know

so yeah tell me about your day.


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