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Monday, October 2, 2006

   hey there. Quick postage before school

Dear Friends,

Well hey there, I just thought that I should let you guys know of the Plans that I have instore for my story.
I changed my mind. Before I figured that I would post it on my Live Journal, but then I decided that I instead I will just post it on here, Every saturday or some thing liek that, That way if there are people that don't want to read it then they don't have to come to my site on saturday cuz that shall be the story day.
do you guys think that that works out?
well anyways. I am gonna go. School starts really soon and i haven't even Brushed my hair.

I shall post more later today. So that you guys can find out what it is liek to live a day in the life of Roiben. AHAHA JK
i'm a dork.

Have a Good One


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